Reiki and Religion

Hello peeps,

I wanted to write a post on how Reiki fits with religion. One of the comments I get most is, “but you’re Muslim, how does that work?” It’s such a broad area, but as a Muslim, I have found that practicing Reiki has help me become clearer and stronger in my faith. There are some that frown upon Reiki because of its origins in Buddhism, but what we need to understand is that Reiki is a spiritual philosophy that is not at odds with anything. It is compatible to all religions.

First of all let me say that in my view, religion is a prescribed way of practising faith. It is a structured way of demonstrating affiliation to a particular belief system. Religion has its rituals and set prayers and practices, and the act of doing these generates feelings of closeness to Creator. Faith is faith, no matter what religion, belief or practice. This is the key thing to remember. I am a Muslim, I practice the prayers that I have been taught to practice, but since learning Reiki, and understanding that energy, the Source and where it comes from, my practice of prayer is done with more clarity. I pray in my own words, I pray without words. I am constantly aware that I am connected to something greater and that which created me lives within me, around me and in everything. I am one with it. This understanding that I have explored by myself is just as valuable as the rituals that I was taught.

As a young Muslim, I was taught to read the Quran, I was taught how to do my ablutions, how to pray my 5 a day. I was taught not to anger, not to worry, to be humble, to be honest and to be compassionate. These are the Reiki principles and it doesn’t matter what you call yourself, these are principles based in humanity that can be found as a common thread across all spiritual philosophies. What I feel is important for people to understand is that what I am pracising comes from those core principles. It does not separate me, it brings me further in to my faith. The way I was taught didn’t really help me to understand and explore my own spirituality. It felt restricted and limited. It didn’t feel ok to stray away from that. Once I realised, this is the Source and everything is one, it felt safer and I started to understand. I am still learning and the more I learn about other faiths and my own, the more it confirms for me that faith is the foundation and practice is the reflection.

I think with anything, we have a fear of the unknown and the more we demystify Reiki and other forms of healing, the more people will be open to receiving the benefit that comes from them. As healers, it is really important for us to talk to as many people as possible about the principles of humanity that we practice. We all came from the same source, just so happens that we have different names for it. We are all one and we need to help each other.

Amongst us are people with tremendous potential to heal others around them and it is our responsibility to try and awaken that in them. The fear of trying Reiki comes down to it being a bit of a mystery, again because we have given it a name. There is no separation. There is One Love, One Source. That’s all. It is safe to explore your faith and who you are and the more people come to an understanding of Humanity in this sense, the more light there will be in the world. We are all the same. We come from Love, and that is all we came to learn here.

Peace be with you.



You’re not scared, are you?

So, I know I’ve been away a while and I’ve been spending a lot of time getting my s**t together so to speak. I wanted to write just to let you know that I am still here, and I am working really hard to get my work out there.

The biggest hurdle to me doing what I came here to do has been fear. Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to understand where that fear comes from. I’ve been exploring my own fears and how they hold me back. I’ve been understanding how my body reacts to fear. Yes, that moment where you are paralysed and decide you can’t do something. How do you push past this?

The first step is about recognising what that feeling feels like and training yourself to understand that those feelings are fear, but those feelings are just reactions to your thoughts. This makes it a little easier to push past them. Isn’t there a part of you that wants to see what happens?

Fear comes from ego. A small amount is healthy as it keeps us protected from harm. This is the key thing to understand. The “harm” that we think is going to come to us is often “perceived harm” and there is no real basis for it. I have started to ask myself, whats the worse that can happen? Fear is the first step towards making your dreams come true. You have to feel it to know what it is. You have to think of it as another energy within yourself. You feel it because you’ve cultivated it – thats the first step. The next step is to learn how to control it and channel it. So with fear, we need to release it.

It’s not the easiest thing to shift. Like with anything, we learn patterns of experience. Something happens, you feel fear and then your fears are confirmed. This is what we tend to focus on. Experience tells me that this is going to harm me. This is a conditioned and learned response and there are ways to unlearn it.

To unlearn fear, there is a lot of background work you can do on yourself. I started with understanding that whatever has happened in my life, and in the worst of situations and circumstances, I have survived. I have come through the other end and so experience now tells me something else about me. It tells me that there has always been a way out. I need to be patient, but looking at where I am, I know and trust that it will happen. So my starting point is this. When I think what’s the worst that could happen and my mind has a long list of scenarios prepared, I think well the worst probably has happened and I got through it. Everything is temporary and so I know nothing will be as bad as I think it will be.

I have also started reflecting on how wonderful it would be if I could overcome the fear. Focussing your attention on the possibilities helps to bring them alive. On Sunday, my beautiful friend Lynne took me to the spa for a VIP day. I swam outdoors in the rain, I plunged in a cold pool, I sat and chilled in the sauna. They sound everyday things that people do, but for me those are little things that are big fears for me, things that I battle with. I’m not the worlds best swimmer, I would never dream of swimming outdoors or exposing myself to freezing cold water. All the time, Lynne kept saying, “Trust me, you’ll feel wonderful”. I made a good decision to trust her and ignore the fear, and wow did I feel wonderful.

The one thing that has changed me more than anything is to say yes to everything. Say yes to new experiences, say yes to gifts that come your way, say yes to opportunities and the more you say yes with a full heart, the more you will get out of life. Its easy to be scared and stay in your comfort zone. Its safe. You won’t get hurt. Saying yes despite the fear is also safe, you won’t get hurt but your eyes will open to a whole new world of adventure.

Remember this. There will never be another time, situation, circumstance or opportunity quite like the one you’re being offered. Take it. Take it with both hands. Say yes. When you feel yourself grow in that way, it really is the most amazing feeling. It makes you realise that anything is possible and it is all coming from you!