Does Healing Work…?

Hello lovelies,

“Does Healing Work?” I thought it would be good to go in to a bit more detail about how the healing I do and how it works, in particular a bit more about how we work together during sessions to get you back on the right track.

Essentially, we are all trying to find a sense of inner peace and to just feel ok with everything. Events and traumas in the past have a massive impact on the way you see the world, and sometimes this can stop you from moving forwards in your life. If you don’t carry the emotions anymore, you still carry the memories. The energy of these thoughts and memories sits stagnantly around you making you feel like you’re just not getting a full deep breath in life.

Some of you will find that the relationships that you have had have followed similar patterns. The story here is you always get dumped on, they always cheat on you, you give your all and you get nothing back. The energy of toxic and controlling relationships can stop you from moving forwards, indeed it can stop you from seeking healing and help.

It isn’t just relationships though. Some of you will find yourselves in jobs that do not fulfil your potential, or the environment and people make it difficult to express yourselves fully. Feeling stuck in this place, and feeling it will be difficult to do something different can slow you down. Sitting in this stagnant energy, you feel constantly weighed down by life.  It feels like you just don’t have the space to even work out what it is that you want to do.

So on top of work and relationships, not everyone has a happy family life. Sometimes arguments and long standing resentments can affect you.  As a products of your environment, your upbringing and the messages you’ve received can affect you. What you are taught influences what you believe is possible for you, and this has an impact on the way you perceive your world and your ability to change your situation.

A healing session with me will unearth all of these things and more. When you arrive, the first thing I ask you is how you WANT to be feeling. When you are clear about where you want to get to, I can help you plan your way there. I get a picture of where you are now, and then I know what work needs to be done. Usually as you are talking, I can sense where your energy blockages are and the healing begins immediately.

My unique gifts are strong intuition, the ability to remove physical pain from its root and emotion retrieval through communication. These are spiritual gifts that I was born with and I’m blessed to have discovered these gifts in order that I may help others. My work is very different to anyone else in this field so the experience you have will be unique.

Healing bodywork is a deep and intense massage based healing session. As I work on your muscles, I have the ability to pick up on any pain and emotions that are sitting there. I’ll share any insights with you, and as the physical pain is removed, the emotional pain goes with it. Clients have been surprised at some of the insights they have been given during a session. Sometimes pain can sit very deeply, and for some people bringing it to the surface to be released in a safe way brings a massive sense of relief.

I’m not saying you will be fixed in one session, indeed my job is not to fix anyone. What I can do is clear all the stagnant energy that has built up in you, what you do to move forward and keep yourself clear is up to you. I always give my clients aftercare advice and teach them what they can do to keep themselves stable. In the time I’ve been working, I’ve seen so many clients change over time. The most important thing for me is to help my clients to keep progressing. I teach people to understand when they need clearing, and they know where I am when they need this. Rather than create a culture of dependency, I want to empower as many people as I can with my work.

I invite you to have a think about how healing can help you, and if you’ve never tried anything like this, imagine what the benefits could be for you. Healing does work, and there’s only one way to find out what it can do for you. If you are interested in knowing more, or have any questions, I’d love for you to get in touch.

Details about what I offer and how to book can be found on my website at www.healingworksreiki.com and I look forward to healing from you soon.

Love and light,

Hafsa xx Continue reading “Does Healing Work…?”


What have you been up to?…

Hello beautiful souls,

It’s been a couple of months since I last wrote a blog and seeing that we are coming to the end of the year, I thought it would be a good time to sit down and write some more.

It has been a busy time for Healing Works since I took it full time in September. I’ve been busy writing a collection of poetry which is due to be published in the new year. I’ve also been spending some time reflecting on the journey so far and these are the reflections that I wanted to share with you.

This time last year, I hadn’t even made a solid decision about jacking in my job and doing what I love full time.  I had a vague idea, and I talked a lot about my vague ideas. My friends will tell you this but I don’t think any of us actually thought I’d do what I did! I’m so glad I did though.

I wouldn’t say I disliked my old job, but I do have to say that being self-employed has brought with it a sense of freedom, achievement and mostly a reassurance that I am more than enough to make this work. It was almost on auto pilot that I handed in the notice, and September’s celebrations were epic!! I’ve not looked back once, and yes I’ve had the odd wobble, but all in all I don’t think I could go back to a life that is structured for me by authority.

My chosen work is not without its ups and downs, but at least it gives me the time and space to be myself. I feel now that I can breathe and explore. It has brought out all the things that were dying to make an appearance like creativity and confidence. I’ve grown to notice all the positive things about myself that I rely on to make this work. Most of all though, it has really tested my faith and my ability to rely on my own resources and know that there is a Creator up there who wants this to work just as much as I do. The realisation that God is my employer made me giggle, but it is so true. In this work, you are given time to work on yourself and your diary will go empty. As soon as you are fighting fit and ready, the heavens open and people flood to you for help. It’s taken a while to figure this out and to trust and learn my lessons in the space I have, and I can hand on heart say that this new way of being really suits me.

The most touching thing has been the clients and students that have been to see me. I am meeting the most amazing people, and the more I do for them, the more I am convinced that I have found that “thing” that I came here to do. As a result of the space and time I have to develop myself, my healing work becomes much more powerful and effective and my students get more from me as a teacher. I love being able to encourage people to go forward in the direction of their dreams. I always say to clients, “If you feel crap, or anything goes wrong, you know I am here to give you a boost but don’t let anything stop you.”

This year I have had the privilege of seeing so many people blossom in confidence and get their lives back on track as a result of sessions with me. I know I am making a difference to people and my goal for 2016 is to reach as many people as I can through my work.

I will end with the quote of the year from a beautiful soul who came to learn Reiki with me this week. I quote it because it captures the feeling of inner peace. After her Reiki session, she opened her eyes and I asked her how she felt. She said, “It’s like a drug. I want more.” Beautiful and funny.

Expect more from me in the new year as I work away over the break on a variety of different things. 2016 is going to be my year, and it could be yours too so if you need my help, I am here.

Please do check out the website: http://www.healingworksreiki.com/

I will be back with more in the new year, but until then have a peaceful break, and you know where I am if you need me!

Love and light,

Hafsa xx