It’s your time to be that Butterfly..!

The Healing Works Butterfly symbolises transformation…personal transformation. This is what I’ve done, and this is what I do for others.

More and more, I am working intensively with clients who are ready to invest in themselves to get the change they want. My work supports personal transformation and growth. I’ve had to do this for myself, and people who know me will tell you just how much I have achieved in a year. I’ve taken my business full time, I’ve grown it, I’ve taught a great number of students and practitioners and I have overcome hurdles and obstacles both personally and professionally to get to where I am. I’ve invested in myself, developed my strengths and talents and having done this, I help my clients to get the results they want and they move and progress quickly with the work we do. I’m launching my intensive healing coaching programme as a result of working one to one and seeing this transformation in motion for my clients. It combines the best of what I offer in to one great package and it’s not for the faint hearted. It involves your commitment and hard work, and in return I will support you to get real results and progress.

As a healer and teacher, my method is effective and sustainable for achieving positive mindset, well-being and taking a holistic approach to your progress. I effectively clear subconscious as well as conscious blocks and work with your energy on a completely different level to any other coach. Yes my work has a leaning in Spiritual principles, and I have the ability to tune in to you on a deeper level. This is advantageous over other programmes as I will see and work with the real you and we get down to business straight away in clearing the blocks away.  I do this with you, and teach you how to recognise and do this for yourself.

If it sounds like this is the right approach for you, then I’d love to hear from you. Details of the programme are below – click here to get in touch

Healing Works 90 Days Intensive Healing/Coaching Programme

Early Bird Offer £357 for first 5 clients
This is a one to one intensive coaching, healing and empowerment programme aimed at anyone who is ready to embed the foundations for lasting positive change. Ideal for improving specific areas of your life. In return for your commitment, you receive healing, coaching and support to achieve specific goals and improve specific areas of your life. You’ll learn how to get in tune and stay in tune with your higher self and have the step by step guidance and support to get you where you need to be. We identify and release limiting beliefs and negative thinking through this process.

The Programme includes:

Intention, Goal setting and manifesting half day workshop = £120

3 x intensive healing bodywork/coaching sessions = £240

4 x Meditation and Life Balancing sessions = £80

Written summary of each session with action points for follow up and ongoing email support

Total cost = £457
Early bird offer £357 for the first 5 clients – one space filled pre-launch so get in early!!!
Must be paid upfront and is non-refundable so clients must be ready to commit to achieving their goals. You can book a free consultation to talk through your tailored package.

If this sounds like it’s what you need, please do get in touch for an initial conversation.


Dear Doctor, please take me seriously!

It’s pretty sad that I feel so disheartened with my experience of doctors. I remember years back when I had a couple of slipped discs and they were trapping the nerve to my diaphragm so it hurt to breathe. I went to A & E on the advice of NHS direct, spent the whole night in there and walked out without being seen to. A chiropractor fixed me that time. I remember when I had kidney stones, I was prescribed Codeine based painkillers that made me high as a kite. I remember the first winter I lost all circulation in my fingers and was prescribed Naproxen for Reynaud’s – a circulatory problem. These are just some of the experiences that I’ve had so it’s no wonder I encourage alternatives alongside medical treatments. I have vowed never to see a doctor again after my latest adventure!

So I went to the doctors the other day because I’ve injured my foot. It feels like there’s stuff moving around in there, and it’s starting to become quite painful. I made the appointment being really conscious that I didn’t want to waste anybody’s time. I told the receptionist what the issue was and who it was best to see, knowing that the NHS have a lot to deal with. I made the appointment with a Nurse Practitioner and was all set. I get there, and 35 minutes after my appointment time, I finally get called in.

I open the door, big smile…”Morning! How’s your day?” That’s me by the way, not the Nurse Practitioner. She looked at me blankly, no smile, nothing. “What’s the matter with you?” she says. I thought this isn’t going to go well at all! So I explained I think I’ve damaged my foot, my work involves being on my feet all day, I’m self-employed. So she asks me to take my shoe and sock off and does a half arsed examination of my foot. This involves touching it lightly under the sole, not where I’ve told her it hurts. She then asks me for the other foot to compare. So I put my foot down and bring the other one up, and she says both together. So I’m sat in this chair, using all my core strength to hold both my legs out while she takes a half arsed look at the other foot. She’s not asked me about the pain, it’s frequency or location. It feels like she couldn’t give a flying tutu as long as she gets me out of the door with some drugs.

Her conclusion is…wait for it…”It’s not swollen.” I’m not being funny, but I could have told you that. Her solution is to take painkillers and I said I prefer not to. Her next solution is have I tried pain relief gel. Of course I’ve tried everything before I came here to waste your time. I really need someone who knows what they’re doing to take a look at it. Of course, this is what I’m thinking and even with my very open throat chakra, I don’t want to say it out loud. So she offers me painkillers again and says if I don’t want to take them, there’s nothing she can do. In all fairness, there probably wasn’t anything she could do and I was frustrated because I wasn’t being taken seriously at all. Lesson learnt…!

So you can imagine my frustration at this point as I say thank you and walk out. I remember why I don’t go to doctors, and vow never to go again! This is a common experience for most people and it’s the reason why as an alternative therapist, I ensure that all my clients get the best care, all my attention and a solution. I understand they have a lot of people to see, but the worst thing in the world is when you have an issue, it causes you pain, and you are not taken seriously.

There are so many people I am speaking to who have had enough of being treated in this way. I respect and value the medical profession and it has it’s place, however increasingly there are alternative options available. So, my course of action involves a full commitment to alternative therapies! I went to see an amazing reflexologist yesterday who really helped with the stress element! This afternoon I am going to see a friend who does Bowen therapy and acupuncture. I am on a mission to find that alternative and it’ll be so much better than wasting my doctors time.

With precious little resources in the medical system, my view is that alternatives need to be seen as a solution that works alongside the medical system. In fact, these alternatives should be a part of a system that treats people in a holistic way.  It’s so easy to be prescribed anti-depressants or painkillers rather than looking at the root of the issue. Having given up on the time it takes and the attitude of not being taken seriously, more and more people are going private or seeking their own alternatives to support them with health issues.  If the powers that be were wise to this, the world would be a different place! I’m not trashing the NHS, this is just my frustrating experience. I just think they’re missing a trick with so many people out there who can offer effective solutions that will cost a loss less than the admin and beaurocracy we pay for as part of this system.

That’s my little rant over…I’m off to get my foot sorted…by any means necessary!!! If you would like an update, please get in touch!!!!


The quickest way to where you want to be…

The quickest way to where you want to be is with the right help and support.  As I work through my own stuff, it occurs to me that the one story we tell ourselves is that we’ll do things when the time comes. What if the time never comes though? The most powerful thing when it comes to change, and it was a complete game changer for me, wasn’t thinking about change at all. It was thinking about what happens if things stay the same.

So I want you to imagine your world and what’s going on for you. Next pick a thing that frustrates you. Now imagine that thing carries on frustrating you. How does that make you feel? Does it make you sink deeper? Does it make you want to change something? Does it worry you?

Now think about what you do want. I want you to picture it in detail. What does it look like? How does it feel? Who is around you? What does it feel like to have the support you need? Does it feel better than where you are now? This process is what helps us to create hope for ourselves. The focus on what we do want, rather than staying in what we don’t want. On a personal level, the realisation that I don’t want it to be this way is the thing that makes me think about how I want things to be. Then I focus on the things I want rather than the things I don’t. This gives me hope.

When we play it through, it’s usually at the point where this can’t continue are we ready to accept that something needs to change.Over time, I’ve noticed that it’s the wanting to feel better that brings people to me. The focus of wanting to have nicer thoughts, better feelings and reassurance that there is hope goes a long way in changing how things look when you’re in that hole.

Change is a scary thing for everyone. It goes beyond our comfort zone, it presents the unfamiliar, it creates the fight or flight instinct, it denies us the sense of control that we all need to feel. Deep inside though, we want all the good things that life offers them but it sometimes feels like you are in a goldfish bowl and can’t quite reach them. This is why I say the quickest way to where you want to be is through the right help and support.

For me, being supported through change makes it a less fearful process. This is why I created my “Year of Change” coaching programme. It is designed to support you through the process of change. The first thing we work out is where you’d like to be, your intentions and your goals. These are the personal things that are difficult to articulate, and we work through this process so that we can start formulating a plan.

We plan in your intensive healing sessions, it’s up to you how you space these out. Each session will have a specific focus – the things that are important for you. This is different from a normal coaching programme as we do the healing work alongside the coaching. After each session, you will receive a written action plan. These are things you work on in-between sessions. We also arrange a phone call so that we can review how things are going, and make any adjustments. You also get one extra emergency healing session completely free!

I call it a year of change, but if you’re in a hurry you can get through it quicker! It’s ideal for people who want the support, positive motivation and the healing to help them get to where they want to go. It’s a personal transformation that we are working on. The quickest way to where you want to be is with the right help and support. This is for people who are serious about achieving their goals and working on themselves.

If this sounds like you, I’m happy to talk it through with you. Book a free consultation – click here or give me a call to talk it through.

I look forward to working with you!!!


Healing Works – 07875333418


So, what is it you do?

Hello lovely people,

It’s been an awesome week in the healing room this week and one of the major factors in why I feel so good is that I’ve actually been able to show people what I’m about. I think since running my business full time, I’ve found that I’ve had to do a lot of talking about what I do. I’ve also done a lot of writing about what I do. I think that’s because it is so difficult to capture succinctly, in a nutshell, what exactly it is that I do.

Those of you who network will find that it really is an art to get what you do down to one sentence. For some professions, it’s self-explanatory but my work isn’t so simple. As I’ve been doing the networking circuit, I’ve developed little one liners that I use such as “I help people find their inner peace”- flaky and ultra-spiritual approach. “I help you become the best version of you” – vague, but inspiring. Truth is, I do all of these things and more and I can’t put it in a sentence that captures it. I’m still working on the wording!

So to cut out all the verbal issues, this week I had a day of free healing where I invited people who wanted to come and see what it was all about to receive a free mini-session with me. It turned out to be one of the best days ever and I am still buzzing. Just goes to show that its doing what you love that fills you up. The day was purely about showing people in a practical way how healing can help them. I loved it so much, it’s going to be a regular thing that I do.

My work is a privelege as I get to meet the most inspiring people. The stories of survival never cease to have an impact on me. I learn as much from my clients and students as they learn from me. This week I remembered why I made the decision to take Healing Works full time. In the pressure of being self-employed, sometimes I forget that I made this decision so that I could live my dreams. It’s easy to forget that and it was a good reminder that its not about paying the bills, it’s about giving what I came here to give and really enjoying life.

Looking back at when I made the decision, my story was about life being a journey. Along the way, I’ve met some truly inspiring souls who have made me realise that the journey is ongoing, it’s the adventure that matters. The one thing that has really helped me as I go through this process is something a good friend said to me a while back and in my pre-occupation I’d not heard properly. “Happiness is the key to this adventure.” I’m fortunate in that the friends I have around me are those I share a close bond with. Like minded-souls who have had those experiences that have awakened them to living the fullness of life and soaking up the enriching experiences in every moment. I love these beautiful inspiring people who remind me what it is to love, live and laugh.

In the moments where we are most carefree and enjoying life, these are the moments we have full faith and trust that our life path and purpose is already written. Learning to let go and allowing it to unfold in it’s own way takes patience and while it does, the only way to see life is an adventure.  I’m still getting there with it, and I’m blessed to have the right people around me to remind me.

I realise this has gone off on a tangent, but I guess what I wanted to do was to show you where I am coming from and how I approach my work. My life lessons are reflected in the clients and students I see. If I had to try and put it in a nutshell after writing that, I guess what I do is learn what it is to be myself and teach others to do the same. The beauty of what I do is that it requires me to continue growing and learning in order to capture that process, light it up and give it to you.

What a blessing!

I’ve taken some time to simplify all the bumpf on my website to make it easier for you to see exactly what you get from a session with me. If you’d like to have a look – click here

I am also offering a free 20 minute consultation so that you can come and have a chat about we can help you and answer any questions. Please get in touch if you’d like to take this up.

Love and light,

Hafsa xx


Moon tings…and ramblings!

Hello my lovelies,

I thought I’d write a quick blog as I have lots of messages in the last couple of weeks from people feeling down. The moon has been doing some crazy things and it affects our moods as the universe around us swings around. Believe it or not, we are all sensitive to the energies. Today in particular feels like a low day for a lot of people, myself included so I thought I would write something that would help me, and hopefully help you.

First of all, I need to say that we all feel the effects, myself included. There’s so many websites out there that give you information on what the moon is doing and how it affects your energy. If you’re having a low day, always worth checking what the moon is doing especially if you are a sensitive person like me. It isn’t just spiritually minded people that are affected.

Sometimes it is really hard to make yourself feel happy, especially when you can’t really explain why you feel down. Having suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life, the last thing you want to hear is do something to make you feel happy. I’ve been there and I know it doesn’t help. There’s just something in your brain that doesn’t register.

The one thing that helps me, that might help you, is to just pick one thing to do and do it. Having had days where I’ve had people scrape me off the floor, it isn’t a good feeling when you can’t even manage the small things. For me, even if its get myself out of the house that’s what I do. I keep a list of small, manageable things to choose from. Even now when I feel ok most of the time, I still keep that list because although I am so grateful for being stable, I know it can slip anytime. My list helps me to stay in control if it does happen.

And that brings me nicely to my next thing. Gratitude. I remember when I was really down and people would say there are people worse off than me. I’d think about them and it would really upset me and I would feel guilty and then get stuck again. It is a fair point though. Gratitude really helps and I like to write lists for however long it takes of all the things I’m grateful for. Thinking about all of these things makes me feel better.

Then there is good old mindfulness which is really helpful for when you have to really break it down. A good friend of mine called this morning and when we were talking about how crap we both feel today, he said one day at a time. That’s so right. Sometimes a day is a long time though. I have a post it note that reminds me that right here, right now – everything is perfectly fine. A day at a time is good, a moment at a time is sometimes the only way you can manage.

Grounding, grounding, grounding!! With anxiety and depression, energy is focussed around the brain. Our core and our centre of physical and emotional balance is in our belly and so grounding helps to draw the energy downwards to create mental, emotional and physical balance. Other things you can do to ground are walking in nature, focussing on your breathing and visualisations also really help.

The other thing my friend said that helps is that it will pass. It never feels like it will, but it will. I don’t have those dark days anymore, but I remember that feeling of doom. When will I ever be free of this? Everything is temporary. Even thoughts, even they come and go.

Truth be told, when it’s noisy in your head or its bubbly in your belly, just do something. Get out and about, call a friend, google grounding. Sometimes just some action helps.

I’d like to finish with one of my favourites from Rumi. This is an awesome poem that shows us human emotion and teaches acceptance and gratitude of this being human. I love this as it always reminds me that every day is different and it shows me that if I am feeling things, I am growing and learning. The most important is that I recognise my emotions and I own them. By doing so, I remain in my authentic truth and I am who I am whatever I happen to be feeling. Enjoy!

This being human is a guest house
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.