What have you let yourself in for?

I didn’t know much about Maori healing before I had my session. I’d heard it could be pretty intense, and I’d seen a few videos. I didn’t want to watch too many as it looked pretty painful! I’d travelled all the way to Bristol for this experience, and as I rang the host to let her know I was outside, I could hear someone in there screaming in the background. I thought, “what have I let myself in for here?”

So you’ve booked in for a healing session, you’ve read a few reviews and you’re wondering what exactly it is that’s going to happen? I wanted to share this story just to make you feel a bit more at ease. You know when you book yourself in for these things, and you have no idea what to expect? Well, just to reassure you that I’ve been there and I came out of it much better than when I went in!

The last few months had been intense. I had been through so much heartbreak. I was in a permanent state of anxious, and I felt like I was being dragged through glass. I’d not slept for weeks, I’d hardly eaten because of the anxiety. I’d had to have time off work and my life had really fallen apart. I was at my wits end and I needed something…I didn’t even know what it was but I had to fix up and I was sick of feeling so down and so empty. It was like watching life from a goldfish bowl and not being able to connect with anyone or anything. I’d try to do it for myself – I was meditating all the time and doing my self-healing that I’d been taught in Reiki but I just couldn’t lift the fog.

When I booked the session, my heart was pounding as I was asking questions like, “will it hurt?” I didn’t know what was about to happen to me, I didn’t care what it was going to cost, but I was willing to give it a go. Imagine that, I was willing to drive all the way to Bristol to put myself through potentially physical pain and the mighty unknown, all in the hope that I would feel better. That’s where I was at and this was the only hope I had of feeling even a smidge better. I really was rock bottom, and that smidge was the only hope I had.

So I went up, and was greeted by this larger than life Maori man. This man’s energy was phenomenal. I immediately felt calm in his presence. He had a kind face, and it was just his warmth that put me at ease straight away. He explained a little bit about how he worked, but it was hard to listen when you’re crapping your pants. As I lay down on the therapy table, I thought “Nothing can be as bad as what I’m going through. I’m shitting it but if this makes me feel better, the pain will be worth it.”

He started with a prayer. I was lying there with my eyes closed and as he was praying, I felt a drop of water on my face so I opened my eyes and he was still behind me praying. I closed my eyes, and it happened again. That’s when I knew I was in for some sort of miracle and this was some next level thing about to happen.

He worked on a very physical level, applying pressure in different places and as he was working, insights were coming to him and he was sharing things with me. He described me accurately. He could really see who I was and what it was inside me that was causing me pain. It was mind-blowing, and although there were elements of the session that were really painful, it was a different kind of pain. I could feel old wounds being released. I could feel where my body was holding on to pain, and I could feel it being pulled out and making me feel lighter.

I felt strange after the session, like I’d made some space for my own healing. I felt lighter in a way I’d not felt in months. It was like I’d given myself permission to start feeling better. This was the beginning for me. That session was where I really started owning my healing journey and building the strength and confidence I needed to get to where I wanted to go. What I experienced in those 2 hours changed me in a deep and transformative way. It was this session that led to my healing old wounds and insecurities. It helped me understand why things were like they were in my life, and what I was doing to stop it from getting better. It made sense to me why my life had been the way it had been. I could see where I was in denial and where I was holding back.

It was a deeply moving experience and it left a lasting impact. Once I’d created space for my own healing, things started to really take shape. Although there was more heartbreak to come, I felt so much stronger. I’d brought a lot of stuff to the surface, really deep stuff but as that started to clear, I really began to find my way. Since that day, I’ve kept working hard on myself and I’ve continued that commitment to my own healing. In these two years, I’ve travelled a phenomenal distance and those of you who have followed my journey so far will know this and seen it for yourself.

The only way I can teach people about healing is for me to do my own and share my experiences and what I am learning. This is what I’m about. It’s not just plucked from thin air. Sometimes what I give is poetic and fluffy, and there’s times where I need to get real with you. What I give is from my own experience and comes from my heart and soul. When you’ve lived it and come through the other side, it puts you in a place where you can light up your own pain and experience in a way that shows others how to get through things much quicker and with a lot less pain than you had to go through. This is why I love my work. I have an ability to really reach in and find you, and then I help bring you back much stronger. I did it for me, so I know how to do it for you.

So if you’re tentative on working with me, I hope you now understand that I wouldn’t ask you to put yourself through something I wouldn’t put myself through. I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t had the courage to make that booking. Look at what it did for me and imagine what healing could do for you. What I’ve achieved is immense, and I’m still writing the story. As I keep working on me, there’s so much more I can help people with.

What’s your story going to be? You know you can choose what happens next…your first step is to make that call and you can ask me what you like. I’m about making your life happen…and bringing out the best of you.

Let’s do this!




Your WellBeing Toolbox…

So you’re having one of those days where everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. It started with spilling coffee over your crisp white shirt, the kids wouldn’t get a move on so you were late leaving the house and you forgot there was roadworks, so you got stuck in traffic and you’re late for work. Finally you get in to the office, all you want is more coffee. There’s a mountain of stuff in your in-tray. You’re wondering why you took that early finish yesterday. Your boss walks in, “Can I have a word?” Your heart beats faster, you could swear it’s palpitations. You walk in to his office, he sits you down, and tells you you’ve been chosen to head up a high profile project. You’re thrilled to bits and can’t wait to make a name for yourself. You walk back to your desk, and you realise you’ll have to get on top of the current backlog. As you sink in to your seat, it feels like the computer is swallowing you up. Your phone buzzes a text, “Working late hun. Can you pick the kids up today?” Your heart sinks, the phone rings. It’s Dave from accounts asking for those budget figures that he was chasing last week. You open your calendar and you’ve got half an hour until you’re in meetings until lunch. Trying to stay calm and focus, you start on the in-tray. The inbox says 125 unread emails. Your head starts to spin, and your eyes glaze over.  Keep breathing.  You’ll end up taking work home tonight then so no chance of switching off, and it’s only Wednesday.

Sounds familiar? That was me when I worked in the Public Sector and days like these pile on top of more days like these, and before you know it you feel stressed. The thing with stress is that it can creep up on you. You feel like you’re managing, but slowly it’s building up. It’s like background noise. We’re not taught to recognise it, we’re taught to keep going until we crash and burn! It feels like you’re managing, but all the while you’re feeling more and more tired. It takes ages getting to sleep at night, or you fall asleep straight away from exhaustion and then wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to fall asleep again. Mornings are sluggish as you drag yourself out of bed. You’re useless until you’ve had your coffee. You come home and snap. This is burnout.

I see this in people day in, day out and you can see how hard it is for them to just chill. When I ask the question, “what do you do in your me time?” the response is either “what’s me time?” or “I used to do…”

It’s almost like we draw a blank when it comes to our own WellBeing. We get really good at telling friends and family, you need to chill and take it easy but when it comes to our own stuff, the answer is “erm.”

One of the things I offer to clients is a guide to creating their own WellBeing Toolbox. Just like your DIY Toolbox will have all the stuff you need in it, this is like the mental and emotional WellBeing equivalent. It’s a handy guide that has a brilliant list of things to do to help reduce your stress level. The guide helps you to create a WellBeing Toolbox for yourself which you can print off and use every day, or whenever you need it. It’s your “go to” resource when you’re stressed, and the guide takes you through the things you can put in it to build it in a way that suits you. It’s a really handy tool, and my coaching clients find this really useful.

I’m currently offering it as a free resource. If you would like to receive yours, please visit my website for details – Yes! Please send me my FREE guide to creating my WellBeing Toolbox  Butterfly logo


Dear Doctor…I’ve fixed it without your help

Dear Doctor,

Just thought you’d like to know that I’ve saved you a few thousands pounds this month by avoiding you. No need to thank me. I thought you’d like to know that I didn’t need your services in getting my foot fixed. After my disappointing visit to your surgery, I decided that I needed to go and seek treatment from a professional that takes my pain seriously. Oh, and by the way, each week I am saving you thousands of pounds by taking my own clients seriously so that they can avoid a lifetime of pills and stress brought on by your reduced budgets. No need to thank me, honest. I plan on encouraging as many people as I can to investigate alternatives because it saves you money. If I can do this, why can’t you?

So some of you may be wondering what happened after I wrote last about my visit to the doctors. Needless to say, I was fuming when I left. For someone to do a half-arsed examination…actually I wouldn’t even call it an examination. She prodded my foot and concluded that it wasn’t swollen. No shit, Sherlock! The option was painkillers and backwards and forwards trying to get a doctor to take me seriously, so I decided to investigate my other options.

I decided to go and see an acupuncturist who used a combination of this and Bowen therapy. He examined my foot properly and said that I’d trapped a nerve. A couple of treatments later, I could move my foot a lot better and the pins and needles sensations caused by the trapped nerve had gone.

Because of the way I’d been walking, my hips had come out of alignment. So last week, I went to see a chiropractor who realigned me, and did some work to sort out the squashed up bones in my foot. Yes it hurt lol but my foot is almost fixed.

It might sound like I’m ungrateful for having a health service, I’m not. It’s the culture of prescribing pills that really frustrates me. I see so many clients who have been back and forth from the doctor, prescribed anti-depressants or told to take painkillers. This attitude is what’s costing the NHS thousands of pounds. Alternative therapies are a viable solution, and it makes financial sense to take our work seriously.

I recently found out that it costs the NHS around £24 to prescribe paracetamol when you can get it over the counter for 25 pence. Waste?

The NHS pays for GP’s time, cost of the prescription, the dispensing cost and administration. Effectively, it’s your tax money that’s paying for it and it’s going down the pan. With so much demand, GP’s (not all of them) need to get you in and out as quick as they can. Problems are overlooked, and you end up feeling like crap because you’re not being taken seriously. There’s no time, care and attention.

What’s the solution? I’m proposing that GP’s need to consider referring on to alternatives to take the burden off the NHS. Some do refer to other professions, including referrals for Reiki but this isn’t being done enough.

When you go see your Doctor, the power dynamic is part of the culture. When you go to see a healer, you’re treated like a peer. If a professional is telling you to do something, you assume they know what they’re talking about and often we allow these professionals to make us feel rubbish. The fact that these negative emotions lead to physical ailments is completely ignored. How are you going to feel better if you don’t even feel listened to?

There’s a better way. When you come to see me, I want to hear what’s been happening for you and we work together to overcome it. My first question is always “What can I do to help you?” You pay for a quality service with someone who has the experience and empathy to relate to you, and has a genuine interest in helping you to feel better. You get after care advice, and a check in text to see how you’re getting on in between treatments. You get the support, the hope and an infusion of positivity.

So if you’ve been feeling down, or you don’t want to be on painkillers or anti-depressants anymore, then I invite you to give me a call and let’s talk about your recovery plan. If I can’t help, I can recommend others who can from a bank of therapists that I’ve worked with.

My wish is to get the best help to you. This is what Healing Works is all about. So give me a call – I’m a really good listener!

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Am I Psychic…or Intuitive…?


I tend to keep away from calling myself “psychic” as the word conjures up images of a Gypsy traveller lady, dressed in purple with a scarf wrapped round her head and crystal ball. It’s interesting if you use the word psychic, people immediately jump straight to, “Can you tell what I’m thinking?” In the same vein, every time I’ve mentioned my first degree was in Psychology, people say “You must be able to read my mind.” In a world where Psychologists are taken more seriously than psychics, however people think they both do the same thing.

Interestingly, for me intuitive is my happy balance. Intuition is inbuilt, innate and it is something that we all have, and can be developed. It’s a gut instinct. When you study Reiki, you learn that centre of balance both physically and energetically is in your Tanden. The Tanden sits two finger widths below your belly button and a third of the way in. It’s the same place your gut instinct sits, the same place you feel the butterflies in your belly.

So, effectively learning Reiki and understanding how your own energy works enhances your intuition. The daily energy exercises taught in Reiki are designed to strengthen and develop this core. This core is the seat of your personal power, your creativity and your intuition. It’s no surprise then when Reiki is taught in the right way, it has the power to radically transform your life. It changed my life, and this is why I’m so passionate about it when I teach it. I love to see people grow. Students walk in on a Saturday morning as one person, and by the end of the day Sunday I can already see how much they have changed. Over time, I’ve seen the students I’ve taught grow in confidence and intuitive ability and it’s amazing. This is one of the reasons why I do what I do.

Intuition is a skill that is sought after and I find in my work, it’s the intuitive insight that people find most helpful. If you read my reviews, you’ll see that most of them mention my insights as being accurate. This is because I can see things in you that go deeper than what you show on the outside. It is one of my most powerful tools and it is an integral part of my work, as well as how I live my life. If you’re using your intuition, the way forward is lit up for you. It is just our minds that obscure our vision sometimes.

So is intuition something you are born with or something you can learn? I believe we all have intuition, however it’s our ability to use it that needs to be developed.  We have our 5 physical senses, but in addition to these senses we have “metaphysical senses” and these help us to see beyond just what our physical senses are telling us. This is the ability to “perceive truth independent of any reasoning process” (using the definition of intuition). The metaphysical senses are ways in which this additional truth or information is received, and sometimes we say this is how we receive our messages.

Clairvoyance is receiving information through visual images in your mind. Often when I am doing a reading, or talking to someone I will see images in my mind and conveying what I see usually helps the client to relate to the image as it depicts how they are feeling.

Clairaudience is hearing your messages. This isn’t like a loud voice, but it feels like there’s words that appear silently. When I first learnt Reiki, I started to understand this information better. Often if I’m channelling information for the client, I’ll just repeat the words I’m hearing.

Clairsentience is feeling on behalf of the other person. When a client first sits down in the healing room, as they begin talking, I tune in to their energy and I can feel where in the body they are feeling blocked. People always seem surprised when I can poke them in the exact spot where the pain is. This is because I am feeling it in my body as I tune in.

Claircognisance is a sense of just knowing. It is difficult to describe, and I think this is more difficult to develop as it involves really trusting yourself and your intuition.

So as you read this, you’ll recognise for yourself how you receive information and how your intuition works for you. I work on the premise that we are all connected, and this is what enables me to tune in to your inner being and retrieve the wisdom within. This is why the insight I give resonates with you. You recognise that truth as coming from a place deep within yourself. Once you can see it, you can begin working with it and this is why what I do really helps that shift in a positive direction.

In healing, these insights are what really help people to find a way forward. During a session with me, I connect to you in this way and retrieve the information you need to find a way forward. I work in a different way to most other healers. This is why I say that you have to experience what I do. It seems really out there, and even the most sceptical of people have come away from sessions with deep insights that have helped them move forward. It isn’t Gypsy Rose Lee stuff – this is what’s possible through connecting to energy and learning how to use it.

More recently, I’ve been working with business people teaching them how to develop in this way as it is an extremely powerful, but hidden tool. The way I teach is unique and my style is accessible. I do everything with a sense of humour which makes difficult parts of the self-discovery process easier to manage.

This is me.

This is what I do.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you on a personal or professional development level, I’d love to hear from you. You can book a free consultation or give me a call with your questions.

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The Healing Works Approach to Business WellBeing

Life stresses affect all of us and one of the main ways we see the impact of a busy and stressful lifestyle is when we’ve been signed off sick. I felt compelled to write this blog as most of my clients make appointments when they’ve been signed off. This intervention plays a big part in their recovery. Work and home are often inter-related and they have to be in quite a state before they’ll seek help. They’ve come because they want to feel well enough to go back to work, or they feel anxious about going back to work. The one thing that affects resilience more than anything is mindset, and at Healing Works our approach works on physical, mental, emotional and mindset recovery. It is truly holistic, and it is unique. It was developed as a result of my own workplace experience as well as experience with working with clients. I see a real need for employers to take the wellbeing of their staff seriously, particularly if they want business success. Businesses are only as good as their people. Healing Works helps people to get the best from themselves.

Before I entered self-employment full time, I worked for a local authority for 13 years. We had access to counselling, but nobody ever took it up. We had staff benefits at a gym, and various other groups and clubs. There was a lot of information online about mental health and staying well. All of these things were in place, yet people were still stressed. I know when I left my full time role at the Council, my team at the time were facing a restructure. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to help people through this process and my alternative therapies were really popular with my colleagues. My role within the team was to provide the help and support to others, and as an unbiased team member (I was leaving) it was easy for me to do this effectively.

My work involves SHOWING people how to stay well, and mindset is the most important aspect of this.  It’s great giving people access to information, but it’s more effective to have practical tools, motivational coaching and access to interventions that will support and prevent from the outset. I help business owners to do this and I’m now putting my work to the test and looking for organisations that are ready to really take employee wellbeing to the next level. It won’t cost the earth, and once trained, your staff will be your solution. Healing Works is about creating the ripple effect and what I teach once, will be re-taught over and over again. It’s effective and sustainable.

I believe prevention is more effective than finding a cure. My interventions are effective and enable people to get back to work quicker and in a much better state of mind. Often what employers offer is reactive rather than preventative. An holistic approach saves you time, money and effort.

It isn’t just about people who are off work sick though. The work I do is designed to get the best out of people, and it is even more effective in growing the motivation and productivity of your workforce. A healthy and happy workforce prevents sickness absence.

I’ve recently launched 90 day intensive coaching plus healing programmes and the first tranche of clients graduating from this programme have provided stunning feedback on the effectiveness of the approach. If you would like to know more about how I can help you and/or your business, please do get in touch to request more information – click here

If you’re serious about getting the best from your employees, I’d love to hear from you. You can book a free no obligation discovery session by contacting me directly.

Hafsa Mitha