All About You Coaching

It’s All About YOU.

Everyone has a vision of the person they want to be and I strongly believe that one to one coaching and healing can help you step in to this vision. My All About You programmes are designed to support you in achieving this vision.

So the first thing I want you to do, if you’ve not done it already, is to have a think about the person that you’re aspiring to be. What are the traits, characteristics and attributes of this person? How does this person manage their life?

I work intensely with a handful of clients to really boost their confidence and self-worth. We work together to build this vision. We then work on building you from the inside out. The idea is to take you from who you are now in to who you want to be. You’re learning all about you and you’re getting better at making life all about you. I’ll support you to step in to your power and become that person.

Your uniquely tailored programme is based on what you need. With your first session we will define your vision and help you to get clear on what that is. I’ll then design a package of inner work to get you there. You’ll be given homework and taught tools to help you.

Areas that my clients focus on include:

  • Confidence
  • Self-worth/self-love/self-esteem
  • Finding love
  • Growing and building a business

These are just some areas and if you have something else in mind, feel free to hit me up for a chat.

Session Prices:

Stand-alone (single session): £80

  • Single session – great for try before you buy or to address a current problem
  • Includes an hour of call time
  • Includes emailed notes and homework

All About you Intensive Half Day (4 hours max): £300

  • 3 – 4 hours one to one with me
  • Talk, cry, be heard and let it out
  • Includes counselling
  • Healing session included (Usually healing bodywork)
  • Includes teaching time – self-care/meditations
  • Includes homework
  • Bring a notebook with you

Step in to your power (6 sessions): £444

  • 6 sessions including an all about you planning session
  • Includes your own tailored programme of work
  • Includes 6 hours total call time
  • Includes emailed follow up notes and homework
  • Weekly or fortnightly sessions
All About You