Pathway 2 Insights: Az-Zahir – The Star

Well it’s been an immensely challenging few weeks. My first thought as I begin writing is that people make an assumption that if you’re in a position to guide others and lead, your life must be perfect! We are all in the same boat, and I am living it as much as you are. My first lesson with this pathway was to really understand that what I am sharing with you is something of value. This led me to look at my experiences and recognise that they are also of value.

To shine means to really open yourself up. I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time. I can’t help it – that’s just my nature but to keep opening up takes work. With this pathway, I was forced to look a lot deeper at my own insecurities and I’m glad I did because I began to really understand what I was avoiding. I didn’t realise I still had so much inner work to do when it comes to shining outwardly.

My battle has always been with structure, with rules, with discipline. It’s like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where she has a fear of being caged and then realises that we build our own cages. It hit me pretty hard when I started to look at this deeper. I have been trying to get consistency in what I do for such a long time, but I feel like it will make me boring and I have a deep set fear of being boring!! I love being free, I love being rebellious and creative! I only follow structure and discipline if I can see a clear benefit. Take meditation for example. Most people struggle with that as a discipline, but that’s something I love to do, I need to do and makes me feel awesome. When I look at that example, I realise that my comfort zone is my inner world. For some people, it’s their outer world.

It’s really interesting how there have been times in my life where I was obsessed with “Doing” and I was like the Tazmanian Devil, whizzing around and just running ragged getting things done. There were never enough hours in the day! And then I started to realise that I was not a machine, and there was no joy in what I what I was doing and I wanted to come back in to myself and only take inspired action. Rather than doing, I became content with “Being” and although this a cool way to be, I’m at a place where I need a balance between the two. Being creates another story that keeps us from realising our true potential. It’s ever so spiritual to be content with just being, and it teaches you patience and allows you to confront what’s within, but it’s not enough to just “be” for me. I feel like it pushes me in to being more detached from my own life, and reinforces the feeling of being on the sidelines. This pathway shone a light on a deep wound for me and that is to not be afraid to participate in my own life.

My challenge is doing the same things every day and especially when it comes to my work, getting that consistency. When I broke it down, it hit me that I have a real fear of success. Tied in with this is a real fear of coming across as a big ego. In the spiritual world, that’s a real turn off. I know I touched on this when I introduced the pathway, but it is something that I feel I need to break my own fear about and so I will feel the fear and write it anyway because it is something that I need to share with you all, and if I don’t do it, I will always be scared to do it. I wanted these pathways to change me, and so be it.

I had a lovely client in the other day, and we had a really interesting conversation. She said, “You’re amazing at what you do Hafsa. Why don’t you tell people?” and my reply was, “I prefer that it comes from other people because otherwise it’s like me blowing my own trumpet.” She said, “How will people know though, if you don’t tell them?” And I thought about it, and she was right. I have a fear of coming across as arrogant because that isn’t in line with what I think “being spiritual” is all about. This balance between a healthy amount of self-love and ego is the key here.

In my experience, every healer or teacher I have met has a story. Something miraculous or mindblowing that happened to them that gave them their powers. I don’t have that story. I have always been this way, and then it hit me that maybe that is my story and maybe it’s my fear of sharing it that keeps me in the shadows. Perhaps I have been judging them, and that’s my own ego saying “Look at them blowing their own trumpets.” I can own that and when I go deeper in to it, it’s connected to this feeling that nobody is special, especially not me. It’s maintaining humility – or so that’s the story I tell myself. Self-worth is about valuing yourself, and my own ego was stopping me from seeing this. I own it because by judging other people for sharing their gifts, I was wanting to feel better about hiding my own gifts. To me, that’s “Look how great I am for being humble” Ouch! That hurts! I can feel the resistance in my body as I write this and it is a terrifying thing to do, but I feel like I need to feel the fear and do it anyway.

When I was a kid, I’d hate people picking me up or touching me. I cried a lot as a child, and pretty much all through my life. I thought I was a messed up wierdo with mental health issues, and so did pretty much everyone else. People didn’t expect much from me, and I enjoyed being underestimated. I always messed up, I always got in to trouble, I always got caught doing things I shouldn’t, but I wasn’t as thick as people thought I was and academically I excelled despite the low expectations. I liked the feeling of proving people wrong. People only saw what they wanted to see, even when I did well.

I always knew I was different from other people. I always saw what other people couldn’t. I felt things deeply, and I took everything to heart. I was full of rage and anger, and I had no way of expressing it and so I shut myself down, or rebelled or lashed out. I created stories that would make me feel better, because sometimes lying to yourself is the only way through how you feel. I got overwhelmed with everything and the world felt like a really odd place – a place where I didn’t belong. So I felt a lot like being on the sidelines, not really getting involved my own life and just feeling like a spare part. There’s always been times where I just wanted to “go home.” I still have days like that even though I realise that “home” is within.

Funny how you can be so detached from everything, yet still carry on with things. There’s great comfort in the fact that nobody can see who you really are. It makes it easier for you to hide. This pathway has brought up a lot of this for me in the sense that now that people can see who I really am, I have nowhere to hide! This is me coming out of the shadows, off the sidelines and making a decision to lead.

When I found Reiki, things started to make sense for me. As I progressed through the levels, and started doing my own thing and coming to an understanding of how I could use what I have to help others, my life began to take on a whole new purpose. This purpose I couldn’t run from because it was greater than I was. Everything I felt was a curse started becoming a blessing, and I started to create a sense of belonging in that I could draw in people who needed help. I could make a difference and that would help me get through life.

I started to really understand what was happening within me, and it led me to find my many gifts. I feel energy and I always have. I am a sentient being and I can merge with everything around me. I can touch someone and know how and what they are feeling. I can feel where their pain sits. I am shown pictures that help me communicate this to them. I am given words that will help. I have the ability to merge with a person’s being, to go in, to open up wounds and to clear away hurt in a subtle but powerful way. I am able to help them understand it themselves so that they can find their own way. It’s my way of being able to understand, and just know because in you I am recognising parts of myself and I have lived.

As I sit and write this, I’m conscious that I sound a bit odd. These aren’t delusions of grandeur – I assure you. When someone walks in to my healing room, if they are open and I have full permission to connect with them, it’s magical what happens.  I take the attitude that once the work is done, it is forgotten and so there is no need for me to rant and rave about how great it all is. I know what I do works, and that’s enough for me but for you to know is another thing.

I’ve been at this work for a couple of years now, and it’s always been up and down. The truth is I struggle with confidence as much as the next person. I look at people who really show off what they do, and I would love to do that but my humble bone always stops me. I’ve reached a point I think where it matters. It really matters because it is the difference between success and failure. If I shine, then I’m visible. If I’m visible, I can make a difference. If I can make a difference, I am living my life purpose and being of service to humanity. This is truly what I want, and so it’s time to stop being afraid of it.

This pathway has taught me that the only person stopping me is me. It’s going to take time to come out of the shadows and feel safe sharing, but isn’t that why I am here? Thing’s are starting to really make sense now.

There’s been a lot of inner work to get to get to this point, but it feels like I’m connecting with the lost parts to bring together everything I need for the next part of my journey. Don’t underestimate how tough it’s been getting to this point, and I have no expectation that it’s going to be plain sailing.

All I do know is that I know what I really want and this pathway has shown me what I have been hiding from. It is important to shine inwardly, but it is also important to shine outwardly.

My message is this.

What I share is of value, and even if it makes just one person think, then it has served it’s purpose.

I need you to know this is me, so if ever you need help, you will remember that I am here and I want to help you.

I know that you can feel my energy even though we haven’t met yet, and that is simply because I am being brave with my words.

It is safe for me to shine!

Click here for the video!


Pathway 2: The Star

Az-Zahir – The Star

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to focus on the face of the One Being in you that is conspicuous, clear, and radiating.”

This second pathway, for me comes at a really good time. This pathway is about shining outwardly, making an impression on people’s lives and it really resonated with me because of the work that I do. I often ponder on this pathway as this thing about shining takes a lot of work!

When I get a client in and we’ve had a really big breakthrough, or when a client is here for the first time and they open up in a really deep way, I find myself thinking “I really do have a gift here and I am using it to make a difference.”

Personally for me, this healthy self-love has been a battle and in this field we always have to be mindful of EGO. It’s a balance between being humble on the one hand because I am in a blessed position to be able to own these gifts and use them to help others, but I think I’ve always felt shy about blowing my own trumpet and talking about how good I am at what I do.

It feels ok for me to say to myself, “you’re amazing at what you do.” It feels ok when my clients say this to me but for some reason for me to say it out loud creates this discomfort in me. I think this is where exploring this pathway might be a good way of finding this balance.

“This pathway tells us that working outwardly in life can be just as important as doing inner work.” (p206) When I read this, I started challenging myself on this. The explanation of this pathway makes a reference to the different ways in which we teach – sometimes subtle and in a roundabout way and sometimes more obviously and openly. In the healing room, both these methods are employed, and when you have someone in person it is easier to read both your heart and theirs and sense your way to what will work.

But when your main route for reaching people is the written word through social media, for some reason a veil comes over what you really want to say, or rather you write in a way that allows people to listen in a certain way. This is quite an eye opening challenge for me in terms of authenticity. I think part of living this pathway over the next week or so will be this consideration of what I really want to say and how that comes out of me. I am watching this very carefully now!

One thing is very clear for me though and it feels like the Universe has thrown down the gauntlet and said, “You want to be heard? Go on then, write, shine, don’t filter.” So that’s the plan. In so many ways, I’ve been being called to write for so long, and I’ve been dabbling but not really putting myself out there so this pathway poses quite a challenge for me.

Part of the process is this letting go of fear. When your message is so public, of course you will be judged, but if you wake people up you encourage others to take action. Maybe that’s what this pathway is signalling for me. I want to be up there leading, so here’s the opportunity to do it.

So, I’m going to spend the rest of this week pondering this pathway some more, and will put together a YouTube video that goes with this pathway once I have some more insights.

I’ll be back when I’m back!


Pathway 1: Insights

So when I said that this one would take a while to integrate, I had no idea what chain of events was to be unleashed. Synchronicity is an amazing phenomenon, and the events that unfolded were, I believe, part of learning this pathway. I have been trying to write this blog for the last 6 weeks, and it has just not felt like the right time.

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to find the place in you that is helping you to grow more and more into yourself – a unique, fully human, being.” (p158)

This pathway is about transformation through our experiences, and a chain of events was to unfold that I had no idea would be the catalyst for this transformation. I was forced very deeply in to my “human-ness”!

The last 6 weeks have been just that – a time of transformation for me. Isn’t it funny how things can change all in an instant? When I introduced the pathway, I talked a little about changing to meet each moment. I had no idea just how much this would happen, how intense and draining it can be, and how enlightening it is when the lightbulb moments happen!

So my house was burgled about 6 weeks ago. My beloved “hubby” (my work laptop) was stolen with no backup, my bags, wallet, cards and also my car to top it off. Basically, I woke up to find everything gone. All taken. All gone. Remembering this pathway, I was surprisingly calm and your first instinctive thoughts are always the ones you come back to as you go on this rollercoaster when all your belongings are taken!

I had to accept that it was all gone. I kept reassuring myself that there must be something good in it, even if I couldn’t see it at the time. What I found was so much kindness from people, and what touched me most of all is knowing how loved I am. It puts things in perspective for me, especially because you kind of see all the good things you’ve tried to put in to the world coming back to you through the kindness of people. It helped, and it made things a lot easier.

I can see how I attracted this in to my experience. It is the difference between choosing to give, and feeling taken from. For me, this has always been difficult to balance. My work means giving, and is demanding. I take care of me, and so nobody asks me how I am. I choose to take care of people, and so they come for help. I’ve been wanting to create the space to make more for me, and this was how the universe handed me the opportunity! You know that feeling when you’ve put so much hard work in, and you feel like it’s got to come to fruition and then this happens! It really threw me and I will admit, I went in to victim mode because I just couldn’t make sense of why it had happened to me. EGO ALERT! Shit happens to everyone! I had to experience of total loss of control to surrender my ego. Difficulty letting go? Let the universe take everything so you have no choice! Out of my hands, and it always was. Control is just an illusion, and ego thing to make us feel better.

When I introduced the first pathway, I also talked about taking something you perceive to be a negative and viewing it as a strength. My weakest muscle is patience and this is one that I have really had to work with. The lesson for me, 6 weeks on, is understanding that I have no part to play in Divine timing. I managed to get pretty stressed out when things were moving slowly, to the point of making myself quite ill! In the end, it does all work out, however the more we try and make things happen, the more resistance we create and it doesn’t feel good! I am, and always will be, learning patience. It’s a lesson that is always repeated.

It’s funny how one bad experience makes you expect more bad luck! That is until you start to focus on what’s good again, and that is when things start to turn around. Surrender it all, focus on being happy! Being fearless is sometimes about taking your focus in to the fact that whatever happens, you’ll deal with it. And everything is ok in the end…only you don’t know when the end is…lol

This comes back to us really understanding what it means to be “fully human” and accepting the whole range of emotions that we feel, even though they don’t feel nice. Everything is part of us, even the bits that we don’t want to acknowledge. For me, there was this massive sense of being hard done by. After all, I put so much in to being positive, why did something like this happen? Because I needed it to show me what was really important. Family, friends, love, support and gratitude. I needed to come back in to the present moment, and I think it is this that brings us to the true essence of this pathway.

There is this magical experience of meeting each moment. And when we first meet the moment, we are unsure of how to greet it. It is remembering that we can choose to greet all moments and emotions as friends. Where we have resistance, the moment we recognise that resistance, we can change in that moment to acceptance and embracing that moment for what it is. Each moment is temporary, and we learn of ourselves by the way in which we experience it.

Being open to emotion, being open to resistance, and working through it all is what builds the foundation for patience. The toughest part for me has been complete acceptance of what is. To achieve this, I have had to become more and more present. It’s only when I did this, that I recognised that perhaps I was being absent from my own life in so many ways.

A painful, but worthwhile transformational shift has happened for me on the inside. The experience has cleansed me of so many things that I was holding that I couldn’t see. It’s only the experience that brought the emotions to the surface, and I needed this for the next part of my journey. When the shift happens on the inside, it takes time for the outside to meet it, and I’m only now starting to see it materialise!

It has been really difficult to write and to get motivated, and partly because this processing is so important, I wanted to be in a place where I could be raw and honest and really open.

Individuated Creation – for me…it’s about meeting and embracing each moment and each emotion. It is about noticing and adjusting. It is about present moment awareness. It is about being aware of what you are creating by being the way that you are.

This is deep stuff, and this is one I think I will keep hold of. It is a good practice to be aware of what you’re creating. The insights hurt, but are profound. Your fears surface, and then subside. I’m taking these lessons and living this pathway as much as possible.

Be conscious of what you are creating!



Pathway 1: Individuated Creation

Pathway 1: Individuated Creation – Al-Mubdi

So I did my usual flick through the book to see where I needed to start on this journey. I asked for the pathway that would most help me as I set out on this growth path and the pages fell to pathway number 58. “When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to find the place in you that is helping you to grow more and more into yourself – a unique, fully human, being.” (p158)

Interesting, I thought. Upon first reflection, I was thinking but I’m here to be a spiritual being not a human being, and then it hit me that actually being in a human body makes me very human, and perhaps this journey really is about fully exploring our human as well as our soul.

In exploring this pathway, we explore that our human and our soul have a shared existence. The book talks about this idea that we have agreed to experience and live this existence in order to pass it on to others, just like our ancestors did before us. This pathway is about real change that comes from the heart in the way that we see life and our experiences.

We can take something that may be negative and make it into a positive. We can also take what we know to be our positives, and ask the Divine to make these grow in order to serve humanity. In reflecting on this, we realise that everything can be changed, or effectively everything is constantly changing.

Imagine there is a whole process of transformation occurring for you somewhere in the cosmos, yet while you struggle to accept yourself, while you continue to judge yourself, you’re almost standing in the way of that powerful process.

We work on self-help and transformation, but this is telling us that alchemy is a given and perhaps the only thing we need to do is to recognise the qualities in ourselves, and see even those qualities that we view as a “liability” (as the book puts it) as a gift.

We can change to meet each moment. That is profound, but when we think about it, this is something that we do all the time. The power is in our hands is what this is telling us. Transformation is a capability that we can tap in to if we wish to. It’s there, just knowing how to get to it.

And so, I begin with the practice of centering in the heart and seeing what resonates. Immediately, I find myself asking the Divine to change me for the better, to transform me to what each moment asks of me, and to do this honestly.

I’ll be back in a few days with more insights. I feel this one is going to take a little time to embed. In the meantime, here’s the Video Link – Just Click This!


The miracle

So continuing on from yesterday’s blog. I feel I have more information to share and so I thought I would knuckle down to writing this piece just to share the learning.

I’m in a place in my life where I have a lot of decisions to make, and this morning I walked in to my healing room thinking, “God – I need a miracle.” So I sit down at my desk, and my friend calls so we’re talking away. On my window sill I’ve propped up a diary that my sister made for me. The cover is embroidered with the words, “Miracles happen every day.” On this cover, is a bee. A big fat furry bee. He isn’t moving, I know he’s not dead though. I read that when bees get tired, this is what happens so I grab a date, split it in half and put a couple of drops of water in it.  I make sure the bee gets a whiff and place it down so the bee can drink.

So the bee comes to life again. A miracle. Miracles do happen every day. So I look up the bee as a spirit message because I’m wondering what the universe is telling me. And it says, when bee comes buzzing in to your life, expect a miracle. Need I say more?

We start with this idea that everything is connected, so even though yes and no seem poles apart, they are connected. Everything is connected, and one of the first things that I noticed was the synchronicities that are occurring in my life right now. Little things have kept happening to make me think that there is more at work than I am seeing. I’ve always believed there was, but when you see it  manifesting before you, it takes your belief to a whole other level.

I started this journey with so many niggling decisions to make so the yes and no thing made sense for me. I needed some help with this. The practice was to feel in your heart the energy of yes and no. So you take a deep breath and affirm yes and notice how the heart and the breath react. You do the same for no. This is our internal guidance mechanism.

I noticed my heart more than my breath, and with the yes I could feel my heart expanding and the breath flowed easier. With the no, I felt my heart contracting, and it felt like the energy was harder and not in flow. This you would expect, but then how do you apply this knowledge in day to day life?

I think I’m quite good at reading intuitively, but I think having this practice with me over the last couple of days, I would take that back and say I am extremely good at reading this for other people, like my clients or friends.

Knowing your own yes and no is always a little trickier! Over the last day or so, I think the lesson I am learning is to say YES to me. I’m always doing things for other people, and I’ve always thought that my service through my work sort of meant that what I want takes the back burner.

It’s strange because I’ve been noticing what it feels good to do, and those things are things that have been purely for me. I’ve treated myself, I’ve laughed. When I’ve been having good quality conversations with people, and learning and sharing, I’ve not put myself under pressure for not getting work done. These interactions are what enrich my life.

I’ve realised that time for me in the morning, alone where I dedicate quality time to myself is important before the world starts making its demands on me.

I’ve learnt a lot in terms of saying no as well. It’s opened me up to understanding how I don’t want to offend, and this is an important lesson. In this work, often people ask you questions and make requests that you don’t want to grant because they are not giving you an exchange in return. I am always polite and helpful, but this week I’ve been direct and turned those requests down. The no energy is what I’m sensing, and I feel secure that’s my answer and I am honouring that. I would do normally, but I would wonder whether that was the right thing to do. This somehow feels different. It’s the affirming to myself that I am following the flow I think that makes it a nice way to be.

I have learnt so much in the space of a day just by noticing, so I’m really excited to see what happens on the rest of this journey. Even writing this, there were times where I felt very vulnerable, and so that listening to yes and no has become my go to. It comes directly from source, so I can’t get it wrong.

What feels good for you is where you go. In the flow. No resistance. Simply trust.

Miracles happen every day!


99 Pathways of the Heart

Welcome to this new series of blogs which will be about my own personal journey navigating the pathways of the heart using Neil Douglas-Klotz book “The Sufi Book of Life.” This book has inspired me for years, and I have bought it and given it to friends and family. It is an absolute treasure trove of wisdom and I am so grateful for it!

I’ve had this book for years, and I’ve always opened it when I was in need of guidance. It has never let me down! Along with the guidance, is the name in Arabic followed by a meditation and it’s amazing how much serenity the practices bring.

I filmed the YouTube video before I wrote this piece. The words on the first page struck me right away, and gave me confirmation that I had set out on the right path, with the right intention!

He writes, “A good place to begin any journey is to practice the feelings of affirmation and negation, so that when choices arise, we can really feel how each alternative resonates within our innermost being. This is one way we can clarify our own sense of affirmation or resistance. Knowing our own true yes and no is part of being fully human.”

This blew me away as when I was introducing what I was about to do, I spoke about taking what resonates and leaving what doesn’t. For me, it felt like a real confirmation that I needed to take this journey, and it would lead me somewhere amazing!

The meditation asks to be still and learn what your yes and no feel like. This is deep. The body has a way of telling you what feels right and what doesn’t feel right. It is only with the stillness, with the nothing that you can feel and recognise these sensations. My practice today will be about feeling my yes and my no and in doing so, feeling the flow of yes and no in my life.

I feel I need some time to explore this, and so I will be back with what I have learnt when I have something deeper to share.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy watching my ramblings over however long it takes me to get through this! Please do get in touch with your own insights, as I would love to know what is resonating with you.

Lastly, I’d like to give credit to the author of this amazing book. I hope it continues to inspire and empower people as much as it has me.

Blessings and Peace





Natural Healing Methods are the best!

We all go through periods in our lives where things really are shifting. When things started shifting for me, life really wasn’t very pleasant at all. I had to experience a great deal of grief to get here.

I remember in my saddest moments thinking to myself, “I really don’t know if there is a way out of how this feels.” That thought in itself is heartbreaking. I had several friends who literally had to scrape me up off the floor. I could not see a way out anywhere.

Everything I looked at was painted with a brick wall. I was struggling to smile, I was struggling to do anything. Everything I did just felt forced.
I think the saddest thing for me was that I didn’t feel like anyone would understand me. I couldn’t explain to myself what the pain was or why I was feeling it.

I was keeping myself in that place.

The only thing that gave me comfort at that time was to cry my eyes out and I had no control over this. It was like being dragged through broken glass and no matter how much I cried, I still couldn’t get away from that feeling I kept feeling in the pit of my stomach, my chest, the choking in my throat. That feeling of feeling completely drained and exhausted from the tears, being awake all night, not being able to eat, and then having to do it all again the next day. This went on for months and it really was torture. For me, it was the extreme, and this may not be the same for you, but I bet you can relate at some level.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever felt like this? Of course you do. We have all had moments, or weeks, periods of time like this. Its common and its not often shared as its difficult to talk about. Nothing I’m saying to you will be new to you and if you’ve felt this, you’re with someone who knows.

Hard to believe when you see me now that I came past all that. As difficult as it was to find help, I turned to Healing. It took time to get to a point where I felt I could take responsibility for myself getting better. I was a Healer myself which made me feel a bit more unworthy, but everyone needs helps sometimes.

I think the moment I said to myself, “why are you doing this to yourself?” was a lightbulb moment. That was an accidental realisation, but it was powerful!

I realised that like it or not, I was in control of being out of control.

I went to see my Healer who really helped me to start shifting things energy wise. My fears and my experiences help me to get to the core of what my clients are struggling with. I also went to see a Maori Healer called Anaru Paine. This was another intense treatment which was really physically as well as emotionally intense.

Sometimes the pain goes deeper, especially if it’s been with you a while.

You don’t have to understand healing to know that it really does work and my client reviews will give you confidence in that fact.

If you can relate to any of the stuff I’ve talked about, then Healing is definitely for you. I have been there, and now I am here and I know that what I’ve been through has happened for me to light up that pain so that I can help get you through it quicker and easier than I did.

If you’re umming and aaring, just get in touch with me and lets book you in so that we can get to work and get you past the crap that holds you down.

Look at what I’ve done in 2 years…this could be you…choose action…choose healing works.

Love and light,
Hafsa xx


Why on earth would you have healing?

I work WITH people to help them identify their what they want from life and support them to work towards achieving these goals. I work WITH each and every client so it’s not them being done to during healing. The client is the expert in their life. They set what they want to achieve or how they want to feel and I use what I have in my toolbox to help them achieve it.
We work together on how you think about things, how you feel about things, how motivated you are about your own life and how connected you feel to what’s inside you and what’s outside of you. For you to be present in your own life, we need to work with your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects and bring them all in to alignment. The way you think, the way you feel, your health and wellbeing and the trust you have in yourself all changes for the positive as a result of healing. This is transformation on all levels and you’ve got to be ready for it to start changing.
Healing isn’t the most obvious choice for everyone, but it has the potential to be extremely effective. I thought I’d write a bit today on some of the reasons why someone would come and work with me.
So below, I’ve put some of the outcomes that my clients are currently working towards and there’s many more. I’ve kept it quite generic because I want you to be able to relate to it. I could write for ages on this because it’s my work and I’m really passionate about it!
Outcome: I want to move on and feel happier
Something bad happened and you need to grieve. You may have lost someone close to you, or gone through a really tough time that has left an emotional scar. You’ve experienced a deeply sad and difficult time, but you know it’s time to move on now and feel happier. It’s time to let go of the past and move on with peace.
Outcome: I want to be more confident and trust myself
Something brilliant just happened for you like you just got a new job, or you’re in a new relationship and you know what your usual pattern is, and you want to make sure that this time it’s not going to repeat itself! You know you’re moving slowly and carefully. You just need to trust in yourself, and you need reassurance that your gut instinct is leading you the right way.
Outcome: I want to know where I’m going wrong
Nothing is happening at all! You’ve been trying for ages to get your bank balance to increase or to find love or find that new job but it’s just not happening. There’s a block somewhere so you need to find whatever that is and work through it so that you can feel a lot more positive about the future. Things just need to start moving and you need to see some progress!
Outcome: I want to get back to being myself
Things are just really confusing at the moment and you can’t seem to make sense of what’s happening. You’re overwhelmed and restless. You just need to find some peace within yourself. You know you’re not the same person you used to be and you miss it! You need to find a way back to yourself.
Outcome: I want to find inner peace
You’re going through some changes and you’re really interested in developing yourself in a more spiritual way and finding ways to manage what’s happening to you so that it’s not so confusing. You’ve started the awakening and ascension process and need some guidance on navigating your way through this.
Outcome: I want to feel well
You’ve tried the medical route, but are interested in more natural and holistic ways to feeling better. You’re curious to see if healing works. You’d love to be pain free, at least for a little while or to find ways to reduce your stress and stay well. You want to feel more relaxed and be able to wind down from the chatter in your head.
If you recognise yourself in any of the above, give me a call.
Healing Works – and it can support you towards living a happier, more confident and peaceful life.

What’s waking up all about?

What’s waking up all about?

So you’ve come to a point in your life where it feels like you’re in a void. It doesn’t feel as if anything is moving. Your world may have been turned upside down. You can’t figure out what you’re next step is. One minute it all makes sense, and the next you’re plunged in to confusion. You’ve got to know more, right?

What is it that’s woken you up? I feel like I’ve woken up and gone back to sleep so many times in my life. Each awakening different and unique, with a different set of experiences and lessons. Sometimes the same lessons repeated, just more light shed on a different aspect of each.

As universally humans being evolve, we begin to become more conscious. We understand that there is more to life than this 3D world we live in. By that, I mean the physical world. When we start becoming aware of this, we begin wanting to know more about what’s beyond what we can see with the physical eyes. We have an urge to see with what’s in our heart. Our inner being starts to speak to us and we set off on a quest to know what this hidden truth is.

It’s simple and it’s complicated. If you’ve started on this journey, know that it will keep coming back and know that there will always be more for you to learn.

So where do you start making sense of it all? Well there’s lots of books out there that you can read, but having a guide can be of real benefit. When you learn Reiki with me, it will help you to understand this bigger picture and help you make sense of your experiences. Reiki is a great tool for navigating the world, how you see it and working your way through these lessons and experiences.

As a Reiki Master, I’m here to guide you through this process. You may only ever do your first degree in Reiki, but this is enough for you to have a vehicle for exploring more. It is enough for you to begin to explore your consciousness. It is enough to help you tap in to what your heart sees.

Somehow, and don’t ask me how this works, the energy and the teachings start to permeate your being and you begin to trust that even though things are changing, you’ll be absolutely fine. You’ll manage it, you’ll always have what you need and you’ll feel connected to what’s inside you and what’s outside you.

Reiki is amazing tool that will help you to find your balance and discover all the hidden power that you have on the inside. Reiki is for everyone and I’m more than happy to teach you. My next level one course is 25/26th March so if you are interested, please do get in touch and I’d be happy to talk it through with you!



Finding your flow and fitting in

For a long time, I didn’t really know who I was. I found my life was shaped around the people around me. When I was with my family, I was just like them. When I was with my friends, I was just like them.

Thing is, when you’re energy sensitive, it is easy to take on the energy of your surroundings and when you do this, it’s usually because it helps you blend in. It doesn’t matter that you’re uncomfortable, as long as you don’t stand out…right?

Why do we blend in? Because we are so afraid of standing out. We feel like we are going against the flow somehow if we stand out. It exposes us. It makes the world look at us and judge us, and we can be really fearful of judgement.

It was quite a process before I recognised this in myself, and now my work allows me to help others in the same boat to lose the fear of judgement, find their flow, their truth and stand in their own power.

For me, finding my truth and standing in it allows me to be a voice for all the others who feel like they don’t fit in. Sure, I don’t meet with society’s expectations but who cares as long as I meet with my own?

The way through is recognising your own flow, and learning to move through it. Allowing it to take you where you want to go. Letting it lead you means that you are able to create a world that is just right for you, rather than trying to change yourself to fit a world that doesn’t feel as good to you.

I did this through learning Reiki, and it gave me such a strong foundation in building myself up. Slowly but surely, the world outside started to become what I wanted it to be, and now I find myself in a place where I fit. I’m not alone. I’m not afraid to stand out. I can be myself in my world, and bring like-minded souls to it so that they can heal and grow and begin to shape their own destiny.

It’s an amazing feeling, and to think I ever doubted this would all be possible for me!

If these words resonate, then it’s likely that you too are on the path of discovery. I’d really love to help you. Please check out my website, my reviews and if you feel like I’m the sort of person that can help you to grow in the direction, then all you need to do is give me a call. I’m always ready to help!

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