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Break-Ups are my speciality

The theme in the healing room this week has been unrequited love and by that I mean relationship break-ups. I thought it would be a nice, juicy topic to write about seeing as I’m a singleton in the city. Maybe I’m single because I’m wise to the bullshit but I have helped dozens of women who are coming out of not so great relationships.

Women over the ages have fallen for the charms of the wrong guy. You know the one. You love spending time with him. You could talk for hours. He makes you laugh. You think he could be the one…so you give a little more…and get a little physical…

In your head, you’re in a relationship. You’re planning the wedding dress and thinking about flowers and venues. You have that feeling in your heart that this is the ONE and he’s the forever person of your dreams. Sometimes though, you’re seeing what you want to see and possibly missing all the red flags.

You’re not expecting it when he tells you he’s not ready for a relationship. He says this knowing full well that he’s got you hook, line and sinker. Now this puts you in a tight spot. Do you stay invested in the hope that he changes his mind or do you walk away not knowing when the next one is going to come along? You’ve had break-ups before and you know it’s not pleasant, especially when you’re invested.

So you go backwards and forwards in this merry for him but not-so-merry-for-you dance because now you’re emotionally invested in the relationship. You have hope that he’ll see how amazing you are and fall for you in the same way. While he continues being aloof and emotionally unavailable, you get more and more sucked in to the game.

After repeating this cycle again and again, you start to realise it’s a trap. Maybe you should have walked away earlier because as wonderful as hope is, it’s just not solid enough anymore. Remember that while he’s still blocking your line of vision, you’re missing out on meeting anyone else. He doesn’t want you, and he doesn’t want anyone else to have you either. I’m just going to be blunt because this pattern is one that I see a lot of the time. You’re not getting any younger, and it’s time to move on, but it’s just so difficult right?

It’s quite a journey learning self-worth and then there’s the self-actualisation part where you really need to put your money where your mouth is. This is where healing comes in.

When push comes to shove, you know yourself that you are worth much more than this. When you’re treated like an option, you know that you deserve so much better. When enough is enough, you need those cords cut and you need your power back.

This is usually when you book an appointment to release “all that no longer serves you” or in other words, wash that timewasting Mo Fo out of your hair and a healing bodywork session is the best way to do this – trust me!

Remember that every relationship is an energy exchange and his energy is sitting in your system feeding off you. That’s what I pull out during a healing bodywork session, and at the same time, I help you restore the faith in yourself so that you’ve got the confidence to move on without looking back.

Break-ups have become one of my specialities and if you’re ready to move on, I can help you get that thorn out of your side. Make the call – let’s get you sorted so that you can attract what you’re worth!  

And once you’re ready to create that fairytale because I can help you get the good stuff!


And the even better news is that I can teach all the self-help and inner work tools you need to make sure that it never happens again. Not on my watch!


Coping Mechanisms V’s Coping Strategies

As human beings, we have to find coping mechanisms otherwise life becomes all too much to bear. I wanted to talk about these coping mechanisms in this piece but also to highlight that there is a difference between a coping mechanism and a coping strategy.

When it comes to coping mechanisms, there are many. I would define a coping mechanism as any automatic behaviour that occurs as a response to a stressful situation. And there are many at our disposal. Some people will comfort eat when they’re stressed. Some people bite their nails. Some people reach for a drink or a smoke. Some people slam the door and walk out of the room.

There are different ways that we use to shut down our emotions. If you think about how difficult you find it to sit in silence. Just you being with you and what that does to you. After a while, you’ll want to reach for something. For some people, it’s music, noise or just being around people. The biggest one is the phone and that continuous scrolling.

I’m not knocking any of these things but what I am saying is that these coping strategies are UNconscious and automatic. We barely give it a thought. Let’s take scrolling. It’s therapeutic and it means that you don’t have to really focus on anything for more than a couple of seconds. The brain likes this because it serves as a distraction. Before you know it, half an hour has been lost in the phone and you’re not getting that time back.

I teach people coping strategies and the starting point is to identify what mechanisms they are currently using as a distraction. If you just sit and have a think, this can tell you a lot about what’s happening, what you’re avoiding and how you choose to avoid it.

A coping strategy is more conscious and deliberate and once you’ve worked out what’s automatic, you can still do those things but do them consciously. There’s so many tools that can help you. The first one is journalling because when we write what we observe about ourselves, it starts to become real. When it starts to become real, it starts to really bug and when it bugs is when you’re more likely to want to do something about it.

As well as journalling, learning how to breathe can be a massive coping strategy. You’ll notice that when you’re stressed, breathing gets shallow. The breath is the life force and at times of stress, the more breath we can bring in to our body, the more we are able to control that stress level. You can check out my online journalling course for help on how to journal more effectively.

It’s funny because proper breathing isn’t really taught. I remember my lovely Yoga teacher Sue (God rest her soul) who taught me how to properly breathe and goodness me what a difference that made. If you’re interested, start with searching for the “Yoga 3 Part Breath.” It’s pretty amazing and you’ll notice how different you feel when you are full of life force.

Recognising stress is one thing. Managing it is another. I think it’s important to learn these tools and it’s something that I’ve been learning and teaching for many years.

Maintenance is the key as is having a plan for what you do when you start feeling the stress tremors. My strategy is to get my journal out, have extra meditation time and plan a trip out in nature. It’s good to have a plan!

If you’re finding yourself reaching for things that give you a temporary salve and you’d like to learn more, why not give me a call and let’s see if we can find a way to help you with it.

Lets start with some grounding…

I offer everyone a free consultation call and you can book this here.


Working on yourself

What does “working on yourself” actually mean?

“I’m working on myself right now” – have you ever heard someone say these words and thought “I wonder what they’re actually doing?” I mean, what does it actually mean to be working on yourself.

It’s often a vague and lofty concept that can encompass a whole host of things and so I thought it would be good to break it down. There’s plenty of ways of doing it but I’m going to tell you about some of the things that you’ll need to get started.

Remember everyone does this sort of work in a different way and as part of my journey, I’ve had to do a hell of a lot of it! Teaching it has become my bread and butter so I thought I would share some key things if you’re starting out on the “working on yourself” journey.

The Basics

The first thing that you need to clear on is “Why do I want to work on myself?” This an absolute corker of a question and in my view, its the entire lynchpin of the whole process.

If you’re not clear on WHY you are doing something then the chances are is that you’ll start it but not follow through. One of the most important things about working on yourself is acknowledging that just like a puppy, it’s not just for Christmas. It’s for life!

There’s plenty of reasons to want to do it. Maybe you’ve gone through a tough time and you feel that it’s highlighted areas in your life where you could be a lot stronger. It might be that you’re looking at yourself and thinking, “how did I get here?”

It happens often that life just does its thing and you wake up one morning and realise that you don’t really know you are anymore. For some people, it’s about wanting to get the “old me” back.

Once you’ve got reason for doing it, we can start getting to the meaty stuff!

What do I want to work on?

How long is a piece of string? This can also get vague and wafty and lead you in to avoiding certain topics because it makes you uncomfortable. In my experience, the things that make you uncomfortable are the best topics that you can start with.

The common one for most people is “self-love” and that in itself is a huge area but we can start to break it down. The first thing to ask yourself is how does it actually show up in your life?

It might be that you’re a people pleaser or you get treated like a doormat. It might be that you’re really horrible to yourself and beat yourself about not getting things right. It might be that you want everything to be perfect including yourself. It might be that in some situation, you’re just pretending your happy when your not.

Whatever situation makes you uncomfortable, that’s your starting place. Think about what it is and write it down. Next think about what you’re trying to show on the outside. Then write down what you’re actually feeling on the inside. This mismatch is what causes the discomfort and we all have situations like this so it’s the easiest starting point for everyone.

What can I do to get started?

I thought I’d touch on some of the ways that you can start doing this work. This is hopefully enough to help you get started and if you feel like you want to do more or you want to go a bit deeper, then get in touch. The methods below are just the basics and there is a whole lot more to it but if you’re just starting out on this journey, this is the starting poing.


Usually the first port of call, especially if you’ve realised that you have a really busy mind and find it difficult to switch off. The starting point is to begin with grounding. Grounding helps calm that chatter down and reconnect your mind and your body so that you’re not away with the fairies or lost in your thoughts.

Simply bringing yourself back down to earth in the morning can do you the world of good and I would say even if you don’t do anything else, this is probably the one thing that will help you the most. You can use it when you’re anxious, stressed, struggling to sleep. You can also use if after any other guided meditation that you’ve done because it helps integrate the work in to your physical reality. Here’s one I prepared earlier to help you get started.

Guided meditation

There are so many resources out there that help with so many different things which is fabulous! Whether its mindfulness, releasing stress and worry or manifesting abundance there’s probably a guided meditation out there that can help you.

I like creating guided healing experiences through meditation in the form of transmissions. Transmissions help you to connect to the healing energy yourself and will transport you to a different world! There’s a selection on my Soundcloud channel that you can go and check out.


One of the best ways of sorting out what’s going in your head is to start journalling. The best way to do this is to sit with your notebook and pen. Stick a timer on so maybe start with 5 minutes.

You’re going to begin writing whatever comes in to your head and write it as if you are thinking it. If you find that difficult, you can have a bank of prompt questions in your journal. For example, the things that make me angry, my earliest memories, the things that make me uncomfortable…

I’m going to be launching a course on journalling for healing soon but this should be enough to help you get started.

Journalling is so therapeutic and gives you a way of releasing all the stuff that you’re holding on you. It’s worth giving it a try.


If after you start doing a bit of this work you’re finding that there’s a lof of stuff that you need to understand or let go of, then it might be time to get some help with it.

Healing gives you a different view of yourself and can help you to see things in a different way so that you’re able to resolve and move past the things that you feel are causing you bother.

There’s so many different healing modalities so choose one that works for you and if you’re not sure, give me a call and we can have a chat about what works best for you.


For some people, they want more focus on changing specific areas of their lives and this is where coaching comes in. It’s a good way of highlighting a problem or issue and working through it.

I love working with coaching clients because you get to see them grow in confidence and transform. My methods are about teaching them how to make these changes for themselves and giving them the support that they need.

Coaching is a great option for people who want do learn how to do the work on themselves for themselves and really do that deep dive in to themselves.

One of the benefits of coaching is that it challenges you to look outside the box. One of the things I’m good at is pushing people out of their comfort zone. When you’re working on yourself, most people will tend to stick to exploring what feels safe and comfortable. If you’re working with me, we go in to raw and grimy aspects – the good, the bad and the ugly. This is done in a fully supported way and although its designed to push your buttons, it is also designed to make you grow by overcoming your fears and insecurities.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Thursday Club

If you are doing this sort of work on yourself and you’re feeling a bit lost, I need you to know that you are not alone. In fact, there are people just like you on my Thursday Club.

There’s so many inner work themes that we can explore and this weekly group coaching call pulls out all the stops with new content every week, homework, exercises, group healing.

If you’re looking at working on yourself with support from a professional, this would be great for you. It’s also a great way of learning about lots of different areas in a structured way. It’s also a way of connecting with like minded people.

What next?

So if you’ve read this and it’s whet your appetite for working on yourself, why wait to get started?

Get yourself grounded, get yourself a journal and make a start! There’s a few themed videos on my YouTube channel that will give you some ideas.

If you want to try out Thursday Club, you can have your first session on me. I think it’s nice to try before you buy but please do get in touch if I can help.



The challenge for Lightworkers…

The challenge for lightworkers or this idea of “Being the light” is something that I’ve been pondering on over the last few months. I’ve not really felt like writing much and I think it’s down to everything that’s been happening in the world. Like all caterpillars, we must emerge as butterflies. A lot of our energy as lightworkers has been being consumed unnecessarily and so I’ve had to stop and reset that many times that I just ground to a halt and decided to go inwards to find my truth instead. That way I’m full enough to keep going and to help others.

With Covid-19 came a whole new unprecedented level of darkness that none of us (lightworkers) had anticipated. As the lovely Dr Vernon Coleman says, “If you’re not paranoid, you’ve not been paying attention.” I feel like the world stands divided at the moment. Those that like the security of following the rules and being told what’s safe and those that see the world changing rapidly before their eyes in a disproportionate way and have a sense of something not being quite right. The 3D/5D divide is becoming visibly apparent so on a spiritual level, take this as meaning something big is on it’s way and we as lightworkers need to keep this high octane frequency going. It’s intense and it’s draining but I also feel that once you see things for what they are, you can push ahead with your light work.

I don’t want to get in to the particulars of the plandemic because if I told you where I stand and how I understand it all, this post would more than likely get censored. I’ve noticed this with more than a few things that I’ve either posted or have been researching. Information seems to be disappearing or being written to fit.

Just the other day I was speaking to a friend who said if you put any random 3 digit number in to Google followed by the words “new cases” you’ll get an exact match every time you do it. So I tried it and they were right which set the cogs in motion. But when you see this hidden in plain sight, everything starts to be seen as it is. You realise that you can only trust what’s inside of you, not what’s outside of you.

If you’ve not read “1984” by George Orwell, I’d highly recommend that you get hold of a copy and read it before they ban it, edit it, censor it or make it obsolete. It will scare the living shits out of you but definitely good to open your eyes.

These are just observations by the way and I point them out as a way of illustrating how easy it is to get distracted from the truth. If you’ve kept up with this post thus far, you’re probably wondering what the point is of all this.

Life is smoke and mirrors and this is something that we have to keep reminding ourselves. The first lesson in “A Course is Miracles” is to tell yourself that nothing is real. As Lighworkers, we know this.

Being present is a trick that if we learn to master can help us to see beyond what is happening right now. Nothing actually ever happens – the only place it happens is in your mind. I’ll prove it to you.

Right here, right now – nothing is happening and everything is fine….right? Every time you ask yourself that question, the answer will always come back the same. This is because when you bring yourself to the present, you are one with time and space and therefore everything is suspended and nothing is happening. Life is a series of moments. One moment after the other and when you are present, there isn’t anything happening in that moment or the next. Therefore, does anything ever actually happen?

I know I’m going on a bit of a mind bender but I think it’s important to put this in the context of the reality that we are experiencing right here and now. I know for many, myself included, it has been a time of immense stress and pressure and actually, the only way that I can find to bring the light is to be present. The mind bending is essential until your mind lets go and your heart starts to work properly again. Your heart is the seat of your soul. Your soul is deeply connected to Love/The Light.

The time we have to ourselves is an opportunity to confront our fears because if we don’t confront our own fears, we will play right in to the hands of the darkness that wants to control and manipulate us. Fear makes us compliant and we put our truth to the side.

The biggest fear being played out in the world right now is the fear of death. As spiritual beings, we understand and accept death as an inevitable conclusion to life and depending on what you believe, it’s a transition of you as a physical energy form from one realm to another.

This world will have you believing that you will live forever and therefore you should fear dying but I believe ultimately, the only thing that can save you from your own death is your appointed hour.

Being the light and indeed being a Lightworker is about finding your truth and for me this whole experience of lockdown has been about finding the truth on so many levels. Like you, I’m not stupid. I like to look at different views and perspectives. I like to question the science. I like learning about how things work and so I’ve grown immensely as a result. It’s been challenging and difficult at times but my ultimate goal is the truth and when I have my truth, I can be the light. And ultimately, when I’m in my light I don’t need to be saved or kept safe. As Lightworkers, we do this for ourselves and we hold space for others to do the same.

If you feel free, you’re able to liberate others. If you hold the space for yourself, you can hold the space for others. If you are in search of the truth, you encourage others to find their own truth. If you stand up for Oneness and the Light, you inspire others to do the same. If you give yourself permission to shine, you give others permission to shine.

For many, this lockdown has shows us who we truly are and how resilient we can be. Not only that but for me, it highlights the rights and freedoms I own as an individual that can not and will not ever be taken from me. Freedom ultimately is a state of mind and the way we get there is encapsulated in the analogy of the caterpillar shedding to become the butterfly.

Balance is the key thing and the middle ground is something I’m always on the hunt for. When we fear nothing, we are more likely to be calm and take decisions from a rational place. When we are full of fear, we will take the option that presents safety. It’s remembering that even though I may not fear anything, someone else may not feel the same as me because of the experiences that they’ve had. Being the light is about respecting that rather than getting others to agree with you.

In all of this chaos, it’s important to remember that we are all grown ups and we all make our own choices about what feels good to us or not. As adults, we can be mature enough to know that other people may not agree with us, but we can love them anyway.

Oneness is what the world needs right now and I’m finding that whichever way you’re looking at this situation, there’s always going to be a part of you that wants to convince others that you are right. This is what the ego is famous for and actually, part of that growth phase is calling out the ego and dealing with it. Those that want to stay safe want to keep others safe. Those that want to have the freedom to choose want others to exercise this freedom too.

Oneness is about understanding that everyone chooses the version of truth that is most acceptable to them. We become separated and divided the second we try and be responsible for someone else’s truth. It’s important that we give this some thought.

Division is not something that’s on my agenda but the search for the truth is firmly up there. As challenging as it is, people will choose their own beliefs, do their own questioning, do their own research and trust their own gut instinct. We all have the freedom to do this.

Alongside this, we must also learn how to work with this idea that our truths are not static. There is a spectrum that reflects the whole range of truths and we are allowed to be wherever we want on it as well as travel between different points on it. Growth ultimately means that movement through timelines and dimensions is happening, and isn’t that what we want?

The light emerges when we are not pinned down to one particular idea. Oneness emerges when we accept another’s truth as much as we can our own and love them anyway. If you’re right, you don’t need to be “more right” and that helps you to let it go. It also helps you to see where duality is showing itself to you in the world, where your own discomfort and inner fears are being projected right back at you and where you need to work to let things go.

We are in an epic timeline shift that traverses across duality thinking and is introducing a whole new way of being whether you’re in 3D or 5D – there’s some stepping up to do. The only place you’re going to find your truth and your truest self is within.

If you’re planning on being the light, remember it isn’t just about love and positivity. You get to that place through a real challenge of your fears, your safety nets and your comfort zones. Lightworkers have been doing this for a long time and maybe now is the time where it’s most needed.

Lightworkers are finding this time particularly challenging but the inner work is preparing us for something much greater. How resilient are we? How much more can we take?

There is a mass awakening going on right now on both a micro and macro level.

What matters is that you find your own truth which will ultimately lead you to your purpose, which will lead you to freedom.

All my love,


99 Pathways of the Heart

Pathway 25 – Al-Azim – Flexible Strength

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to feel a flexible strength that can adapt to any situation and yet remain rooted in, and moving towards, the purpose of your life.”

When exploring the pathways of the heart, I always find that the right ones find their way to me at the right time and this one is no different. Given the situation that we have all been faced with, this pathway comes as a renewal of hope and that last pocketful of energy from somewhere in order to keep going.

Human beings are immensely adaptable. Think about yourself at the beginning of this pandemic lockdown period and how you’ve adjusted your time, your workload, your finances and everything else in line with what’s being required of you.

I was reflecting on this and considering if we can be this adaptable when it’s forced upon us, we indeed have the strength to choose how we respond to different situations. We all have that within us and it’s this flexible strength that we are drawing upon to get us through these tough times.

Whatever the situation you are faced with, I think we all have this inner strength that we can call upon and I think the lockdown has really probed my thinking about what this strength is and how we access it. We are getting through it, one day at a time and this tells us that even though it may not feel like things are moving, something is happening every day. If you manage another day, you’re calling on that strength again. The inward road is strength and the outer is the display of that strength. That might be through an action, an opinion, a presence in a place.

I talk about inner and outer manifestations because human beings tend to have a lean towards one or the other. With strength, it’s accessed from within. Outwardly, this strength is displayed through actions, through words. Inner strength isn’t always a tangible though and it’s important to recognise it in our everyday life and not just something that’s required in difficult circumstances.

This energy that I’m talking about, this inner reservoir of strength is often what we take for granted because it’s always there and it keep us going but one of the lessons for me in terms of exploring this pathway was to really think about the ways in which I access this energy and I think that when you reflect on this pathway, one of the avenues to explore is to think about what activities are a way of tapping in to the strength in order to harness it.

Time and space are essential aspects of discovering that we have this inner strength within us. In fact, the longer something goes on, often we perceive that this strength is deteriorating with time. It’s an interesting idea and I think largely down to the way that we perceive life. Time and experience makes us stronger. It’s often the frustration and impatience that masks the strength that we are building through the use of time and space.

One of the biggest lightbulb moments for me with this pathway was just how little we acknowledge what we already do and say as a manifestation of this inner strength. We rack our brains to find examples of when we had this inner strength yet everything is so much closer to home than you think. Like all the other pathways, it’s what we choose to see about ourselves. This pathway for me was a big shove towards opening my eyes to the automatic, day to day, routine, every day things where this strength is displayed.

Acknowledging that some days I get up when I really don’t want to, that’s strength. Writing every day, that’s strength. A commitment to work – that’s strength. Praying 5 times a day – that’s strength. That got me really thinking about the relationship between strength and commitment because the strength is displayed as you fulfil the commitments that you have made. We don’t always see it as strength because it may be everyday ordinary things but I think we have to look at all those things in a different light. The fact that you have done it must show your commitment to something and the inner strength is what drove that action towards that commitment.

Remembering as well that it doesn’t always need to be outwardly displayed as proof of it’s existence. It lives within and often the action or the outward display is just a way of pointing towards what sits within.

I found that with this pathway, a lot of past memories kept coming back to me and it was interesting because the pathway says, “Forget the past, just keep going.” I found that these old memories surfacing was important in helping me to remember how I was built. Memories help us to reflect and whether they are good or bad, the perception of your past is always in your own hands.

Being someone who helps people to reflect, I think that this idea of just keep going can be really helpful when we get stuck. Often when the past comes up, we think along the lines of if only and think about regrets and that can plunge us in to despair. In order to keep moving, we do need to forget the past sometimes.

What I want to highlight is that it can become really easy and convenient to get stuck in the naval gazing and the analysis and this in itself weakens our resolve. It can become a form of self-sabotage. With this pathway, I remember thinking. “I’ve dealt with that, why is that coming up again?” and it was important to look at what lessons were gained rather than to dwell in the memories. We have to keep moving and we have to check our own perspective of the past so that we don’t live there.

What you have lived through should give you strength because it is through that experience that you are able to have the courage to face every single day. What I loved most about this pathway is that following the strength back to it’s root, we find that it is centred in hope. This is one of the most beautiful pathways to experience and at the root of it is the thing that keeps everything alive – hope. Where there is life – there is hope.

When reflecting on the past, it was hope that was the catalyst for change for me in so many situations. It was hope that influenced my thinking about what could be possible for me. It was hope that whispered you can start again and again and again. The strength is in that process and not in the result of it.

“When you find the straight way, it eats up all the crookedness of the past.” Rumi

For me, this flexible strength has always been rooted in hope. It’s this that influences the commitment that influences the action that follows. Sometimes it flows easier and sometimes it requires you to push but it can be called upon. Hope combined with determination to keep going…that’s strength.

Flexible strength lies in the movement through situations and circumstances. It lies in the navigation of them. For me it is so linked to what keeps me going and when I trace that road back, I always get to hope.

99 Pathways of the Heart

Pathway 24 – Dhul Jalal Wal Ikram – Overwhelming power and beauty

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to feel humbled by a wave of divine power and abundance flowing over and through you.”

I was determined that the next pathway that we explored together was going to be lighter and more uplifting and I decided that regardless of what came, that was going to be the focus. Having spent a lot of time in solitude, especially since I came back from Konya, I had decided I was going to make more of an effort to get out and about in this world and actually integrate in to 3D life rather than living in my bubble. I think the Universe had other plans but I also feel that I’m learning this lesson in a different way.

Lo and behold, the world was struck with Corona Virus but that doesn’t change anything. In fact it actually helps us to see the world in a different light. When you spend a lot of time in prayer and meditation, what happens is that you begin to disconnect from this reality. As you travel through different realms, you lose the love of this world and this reality. You start to see it as an illusion, seeing it for what it really is – a training ground for you soul to learn valuable lessons before it travels on in to the next realm.

In order to learn these lessons, it means that you have to participate in life and that’s something that I’ve always found challenging because I am more comfortable with other realms. An important lesson of this pathway for me has been this. I have always associated overwhelming power and beauty with God but this pathway teaches Oneness in such a deep way and this is what I have come to find. This interconnectedness between all things. Yes you can sense that wonder and power and beauty in a meditative state, you turn away from the world because of the people in it but the missing piece is beginning to be able to see the face of the One in all things. The face of the One is in all people, in all circumstances and all situations. It’s understanding that EVERYTHING comes from Source. Every breath, every attachment, every morsel of food, every penny you earn.

My belief is this. When God created the Earth, he created the light of humanity first. He then created the Qalam, the scribe. The scribe wrote every single destinity and every single permutation of that destiny. And that in itself is overwhelming power and beauty that makes you disappear in to the Universe. But we human beings use destiny to keep us powerless. It’s like this.

The scribe may have written, today you will help someone and they will give you a huge blessing. The scribe will also have written that today you won’t have the opportunity to help someone so you won’t get a blessing. Both are possibilities. What is the defining factor? This is the overwhelming power and beauty of the One because he gives us choice. Free will. If I choose to go out in to world today, I come across someone that I can help and therefore there’s the blessing. If I choose to remain in solitude, I may think my prayer and meditation is the blessing but I may have missed out on something greater. In this context, we can understand that although everything comes from Source, we are not powerless because we have choice and our destiny depends on the choices that we make.

Looking at what is happening in the world I feel a mixture of emotions.  I don’t want to dwell on it because I think we have all been saturated by conversations about Corona Virus and it’s impact. I realise that we all have choice when it comes to how we see what’s happening.

I believe there is a reason for everything. In times like these, the first thing we will notice is the ego shouting, “Me! Me!” We saw this in the panic buying and the greed initially. Then we look around and we hear the humbling stories of people who we know will struggle more than we will and it starts to soften people. We begin to find our humanity and we want to help rather than feeling helpless or simply thinking only of ourselves. We realise that that there is so much more to life than the 9 to 5. There’s love, connection, community, solidarity, supporting others, kindness. Mother Nature has put us in our place. I joke about it but it’s like she’s sent us to our room to think about what we’ve done.

“The voices saying “me!” can often become so loud that they can cause us to forget that there is something greater, the only “I Am”.

The usual routine helps distract us. Now we are all forced in to a space where we have to be alone with ourselves and that isn’t easy. It’s a bit like being on retreat in solitude. It brings up a multitude of emotions. Initially, we will look for distraction and ways to fill the day. Once we have done everything that we need to get done, we realise that we need to just sit with ourselves and it makes us think about who we are without the distraction of life. And there isn’t an escape for any one of us.

I’ve always said this but for as long as I can remember, I’ve felt like I want to go home, like I don’t belong here and the world just feels like a really strange place to me. I felt like nobody understood what that felt like and with all this happening, I feel like people can resonate with that feeling because of the experience that they’re having.

The feeling of being humbled is a really powerful emotion in all of us because this is what allows us to shift and overcome our ego state. This feeling, like all other feelings and emotions comes from Oneness. It is a call and a realisation that all beings are connected, and in these times, all beings are experiencing similar emotions and that is the rope that binds us all together.

We choose our perspective through these difficult times and for me my tendency to live in a bubble has really helped me through it but as an empath, this has been difficult. With these observations, I realised that if anyone understands what its like living in a strange world, I do. All my fears and insecurities are much easier to put aside when people are calling for help. So ironically, even though I was trying to hide out and escape in to my own world, I understand why it’s important to live in 3D as much as 5D.

I think all of us can look inside ourselves at this time and realise that we all have so much more to give to life. This idea of overwhelming power and beauty – this pathway opens up choices in terms of how we want to live and what we want to give in the world. It makes us see that the One has given us all a heart and in this heart sits the power and beauty of the one. It manifests itself in love, kindness, gratitude, appreciation. When we recognise this, it becomes so much easier to intuitively know what Source wants us to do in the world. He has created for us a set of circumstances that make it easier for us to help, to give, to love and to connect.

We can’t see the One but the One manifests itself to us in these ways – allowing us to see who and what we truly are, what’s within. I can feel that so many people are reflecting right now and they’re being led to finding their own light. This is a step change moment for humanity created by Source to wake us all up.

I am going to leave you with a quote to ponder. It comes from a giant in spirituality, the great Sufi scholar of his time Muhyideen Ibn Arabi.

“It is necessary that you know what the Truth wants from you in any Realm, so that you hasten to it without hesitation or resistance.”


Pathway 23 – As-Sami – Awakened Hearing

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to stop and listen to the sounds of Sacred Unity around you. In each, there is a drop of the One, and in that drop is the ocean of all divine qualities.” The Sufi Book of Life, Neil Douglas-Klotz.

It’s been probably one of the most challenging and complex pathways that I’ve worked with because at one point, I felt like it broke me. Awakened hearing is an intuitive sense that we all have to varying degrees depending on what life has created for us in order to open up. The way that I’ve written about this pathway jumps around quite a lot so bear with. One of the key lessons for me during this pathway was that it doesn’t matter if things don’t make sense all the time. We are still being held and guided through life and there is a force that always takes care of us, regardless of whether or not we are listening to our guidance. We also all have an inner force that strives to stop this from happening.

Within us, we have several voices. If you stop and listen carefully, you can distinguish these different personalities within yourself. They are all distinct and individual but they are also all part of the One being that you are. This allows you a range of different experiences and often can be a stop/go mechanism. Often when we break, it’s because we feel separated within and this makes us feel separated in the outside world as well. We all have this part of us that tells us that we are not good enough, that challenges us and asks “Who do you think you are?” and it’s often when this voice takes over that the separation occurs within ourselves. This voice isn’t necessarily speaking the truth. Awakened hearing is about listening not only to what’s underneath that voice but also tuning in to what other voices within offer us. I mean this in the sense of challenging whether that voice of doubt is actually coming from Creator or from our own ego.

Human beings are complex and this world is very complex but there is one idea that helps us to simplify everything essentially and this is LOVE. You either feel it or you don’t but even within this love there is complexity. There are different types of love that we need to understand but for the purpose of this pathway, We understand that there is a seen world and an unseen world. We operate mostly in the seen world where human love can be seen to be apparent or not. Within the unseen world, it is a different type of love that exists that permeates and gently guides everything. It is extremely difficult for the human being to comprehend seen love in challenging circumstances let alone unseen love. We focus on what we can see and hear because it’s easiest to work with what is apparent. It’s only when we bring the unseen love to the forefront of our awareness that transformation and healing begins to happen. Awakened hearing is part of this process.

The goal of any spiritual practice or indeed any action that is loaded with good intention is to bring you closer to the One. As humans, our lives become about us living in this world and we forget (quite consistently) that Divine Source flows through us in every moment of every day. Divine Source is what creates the experiences that are essential for our learning and healing journeys while we are here. We call in to our heart all the voices and one by one listen to each one and give it permission to leave or stay as long as is needed. Remember as well that we will often hold the voices that bring us the most comfort and often these are the voices that give us darkness as a comfort because it means that we avoid facing change. These voices also confirm our view of the world and allow us to be right. The ego is often played out through these voices.

The enlightened being allows the Divine to take over all her senses. Essentially the Divine will be the eyes with which we see, the ears with which we hear and so forth. There is a level of surrender that comes with allowing this takeover. Being human doesn’t make it that easy. This pathway also encourages us to remember that voice within the heart and the voice of the mind are indeed separate and distinct. In our human-ness, the voices blur and merge and it is only when we fully separate within and come in to stillness and Oneness can we begin to differentiate between the voices that we are hearing.

As part of awakened hearing, can we begin to see ourselves as our Creator sees us? That was one of the key lessons for me working with this pathway. We often forget that we were created as perfect beings but we are so busy seeking faults and looking for things to fix and heal within ourselves that we lose sight of how we are seen by Creator. For example, “I don’t feel like I’m doing enough.” The One that created us sees and hears the battles that we have within ourselves. We are always good enough as long as we are striving with that intention. As humans we find it difficult to be honest with ourselves but Creator already knows that truth and has probably already forgiven us long before we are ready to forgive ourselves.

Essentially, this pathway is about awakening a deeper intuitive sense within us. When we go through difficulties, it’s often this sense that is either being dampened, overwhelmed or awoken. The practice of living intuitively is a difficult one and this is mainly because our physical world is flooded with information. This world is meant to feel and become very real. The way that we experience what is happening to us also feels very real. It’s really difficult to go beyond the physical senses in to intuition when we are overloaded with this type of “physical reality.”

Often when something happens that upsets us, we directly attribute our feelings and emotions to it. This happened so therefore I feel like this. Something has been triggered by that experience. The experience has awoken something that was already there that needs to be explored and perhaps also healed.

The pathways are meant to direct us to where the healing is needed. The heart is the seat of the soul and there are 99 pathways that lead us from the heart to the soul. Our soul is connected to the One Divine Source of all souls. In order to know Creator, we begin to know these pathways within ourselves.

This was a really challenging pathway to articulate because of it’s intangible nature. Unlike the physical senses, the metaphysical senses do not require any physical evidence as proof of their existence. We either believe something is true and real or we don’t. More often than not though, we say that we believe but when we have an experience that gives us proof, that’s when we can confirm our faith in something that we can not see or hear.

I want to talk about guidance too because we all have an internal guidance system. This is the voice of that higher self, the soul presence and in order for us to live intuitively and follow the flow of life, we need to tune in to all our senses in order to perceive the guidance. The trouble with a human being is that we have a mind that gets in the way. We also have a mind that is full of fears. Living from the heart and living intuitively also means living with no fears and this can be the greatest challenge when this sense begins to awaken within ourselves.

“This is what I need to do” comes with a knowing from within but it’s difficult to follow through sometimes because the mind gets in the way. In the same way, “I don’t need to do anything” also takes as much work because the mind gets in the way of simply being. The last pathway we spoke about “doing nothing and nothing will be left undone” in the sense that there is already a natural order of things and we fall in to that.

So where does awakened hearing fall in to this order? This is the part of you that urges you to move on something. It is also the part of you that tells you to stop and be still for clearer guidance to come. Often we are going through life pushing and pushing and pushing. We are trying to take responsibility for everything and get everything done.

Awakened hearing is understanding that whether you are doing or not doing, you are being guided. Whether it is darkness or light that you are experiencing, you are being guided.

Sometimes we can be listening, but not hearing. Listening is the ability to bring our awareness to the sound or the message. Hearing is the ability to perceive and understand it.


Emotion Code Healing Benefits

The Emotion Code is an excellent healing modality that really helps you to look at past trauma in a way that liberates you. It brings the subconscious emotions that hold power over you into your conscious awareness. Emotion Code also clears the energy of those trapped emotions from your body so that they stop holding you back.

Can you think of an area of your life where you are holding back?

Do you feel like something is blocking you from moving forward?

Do you feel anxious when you think about the future?

Do you know you could do more with your life but are scared to fail?

Do you have a dream, desire, goal or outcome you’ve been trying to achieve for a while?

Do you know exactly what you need to do but find that there’s a brain fog and you just can’t do it?

If you answered yes to one or more, keep reading because Emotion Code might just be the answer for you.

Your mind is programmed to run on autopilot. Deep in your subconscious lie beliefs that, whether you are conscious of or not, lead to self-sabotage, lack of confidence and fear of success or failure. This means you’ll get a certain distance towards something, and then it all falls apart! Sound familiar?

When we have a repeated thought, it becomes a belief. When we believe something to be true, we look for evidence that proves we are right. Our evidence confirms our belief, and our belief becomes stronger.

Imagine you’ve been for a job interview and you’re thinking “I’m sure there were people better than me that went for the job.” Your limiting belief is more than likely to relate to “I am not good enough.”

Let’s break this thought down like we would in a session.

What does this thought tell us?

  1. We are comparing ourselves with someone else who we actually know nothing about – our thought is an assumption not a fact!
  2. We are also assuming we aren’t as good as others, or as good as we want to be – again, assumption not fact!
  3. We wholeheartedly believe this to be true so we will be looking for evidence to prove ourselves right like “That guy looked really clever” or “She looks like she already works here”
  4. Then come the train of thoughts that make us feel better about not getting the job like “Of course they’d favour someone else over me,” or “I’m not very confident in interviews” or “I couldn’t focus on the questions.”

Now if you ended up getting this job, you would more than likely say, “I can’t believe it!” In fact, what you’re actually saying is “I can’t believe they think I’m good enough because I don’t.”

If you didn’t get the job, you’d say “I knew it! It always goes wrong for me.” Not getting the job is evidence that confirms your limiting belief “I am not good enough”

How do you fix this? You can do all the positive affirmations in the world, but they don’t work as deeply because it’s actually in your energetic signature and your belief system. This is where the blocks are, and so you need to go a bit deeper to shift it. This is where Emotion Code comes in.

A lot of the time, we lie to ourselves about what we are really thinking because it’s hard to work through it. What you need is a safe space to work it out, and this is what I help a lot of people with.

I offer this type of counselling with my Emotion Code sessions because it’s important to clear away trapped emotions but also equally as important to understand and begin to un-do the patterns that have been created as a result. Emotion Code is really helpful in clearing these blocks, especially for negative beliefs we hold about ourselves.  It’s these beliefs that stop you reaching higher, earning more, finding love and create the feeling of being stuck. I read and work with energy and emotion and I can clear blocks through this process. The blocks might be from past experiences, this life or previous lives. I work across these time and space dimensions to clear, and help shift it from your present experience.

Emotion Code sessions are available for you to book online and distance sessions can be done via video call. If you’re interested, give me a call or book via the website – Click Here for more info…

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At the moment, there is a package of sessions available at a discounted rate. Please get in touch and I can explain more.

7 x Heart Wall Clearing Sessions – £277 (normally £315)

Single Session – £55 per session by phone (1 Hour)


Pathway 22 – At-Tawwab – Returning to Rhythm

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to stop what you are doing, soften within, and allow your heart to return to the right rhythm in time with the heart of the Beloved.” The Sufi Book of Life, Neil Douglas-Klotz.

As always, whichever pathway I choose seems to be the exact one to meet my needs. I chose this pathway when I returned from my spiritual pilgrimage to Konya again walking in to the spiritual trap of asking for what is needed, receiving it and then wondering why it was all happening. I am certain that my Allah and the friends he has appointed to guide my journey all have a sense of humour!

This pathway is about Returning to Rhythm. The rhythm of the One Beloved. During my pilgrimage I felt this rhythm and I felt it deeply. Rumi talks about sinking to the bottom of the ocean and allowing the current to take you. At this point, you are in the heartspace of least resistance. It is exactly this heart led space that takes you to where you need to be because it is in rhythm with the Divine Heartbeat and at one and in alignment with the rhythm all of creation. You feel you are part of this One and at the same time, you flow through your own path with ease and grace.

I have trouble articulating the feeling in words because it just has to be experienced. There are no words and to be honest, words can only get in the way of this feeling. This is one of the deepest lessons of this pathway. In Konya, my heart did the speaking without any words. I was in solitude and silence for much of the time that I was away, encased in my own heavenly blissful being. As soon as I landed, I had to “have words” as my suitcase was on a different aircraft to the one I arrived on. My first test of letting go and I was fuming. The words didn’t come easy and it felt like I created my own blockages again.

It was as if I didn’t get a chance to even catch my breath before I was thrown in to life, head first. Worlds apart from where I had been in the serenity and peace of Konya. If Konya was the gentle humming of the harp then being back here felt like screeching death metal. It felt like I was holding my own internal rhythm for the first week or so and then I don’t know what happened but life took over.

I found my diary brimming and the ideas non-stop and yes, I was buzzing but in the midst of all that, my mum had a fall that resulted in a hip replacement. So with mum in hospital and various other family matters to take care of, I was running back and forth like a headless chicken with that in the background. All of this coming at a critical time for my business with some launches that had been planned for January derailed and delayed.

Life had done it to me once again yet given the time and reflection, I’ve realised that this is my Shaikh, my Master at work and even though I had left Konya, he wasn’t done with teaching me and I don’t think he ever will be. At least he has a sense of humour about it! Hence this pathway has been such a deep learning curve for me.

Now I’ve worked extremely hard and fought my ego to ensure that my foundations are solid, especially when it comes to my own spiritual practices. Even with this foundation, I found that I was wobbling and when you’re having a wobble, the discipline is all the more challenging to maintain. I was in the middle of an earthquake. The one thing that keeps me solid is solitude because it gives me headspace. Without the time and space, it feels like an earthquake. This is a deep lesson for me.

So when it comes to exploring this pathway, there are 4 key aspects that need to be explored. What is life calling us to look at in any stressful situation? This is where the pathway plays a key part if we can keep these aspects in mind.

The first is “Stop what you are doing.” This isn’t simply in the literal and physical sense although there is an element of prioritising and re-prioritising your commitments and being brave enough to drop things. I found that I had to cut down on client work because I just wasn’t in the head space for it.

This stop what you are doing made me acknowledge that I needed to stop what I was doing to myself. I hadn’t fully taken notice that I was beating myself up mentally and emotionally for not being able to keep up with the demands on my time and energy. I realised when I wrote down all of the things that I was juggling on a piece of paper. I did this to work out whether it’s me and I’m disorganised and slow or whether I do really have a lot of balls to juggle. It’s then I realised that actually, I was doing pretty well considering just how much was going on. That really helped me to stop and let go of the guilt and the burden that I put on myself.

The second aspect is to “Soften within.” Now this is where I was brought back to Rumi’s analogy of the spiritual journey boiling and cooking you like a pressure cooker. All that boiling will soften you to the core. And when you are in the midst of it all, you don’t realise that you’re being cooked and softened. Often it’s these pressure points that are preparing us for the next part of our journey. It’s only when you soften that you begin to accept what’s happening and gladly keep going even through you know you’re walking through fire.

The third aspect is “Allowing your heart to return” and this is the permission that we give ourselves to come back to our natural rhythm. With so much going on, I wasn’t giving myself the permission to be in solitude. I was also allowing everything to impose in to my space without taking what I needed and for me, it’s solitude that keeps me balanced. An introvert at heart, it definitely felt like I was doing too much “people-ing” and not getting enough time and space to fill myself back up again.

The fourth aspect is acknowledging the “Right rhythm” and this is in time with the heart of the Beloved. This for me touches deeply on the idea that Allah’s plan is better than the plan that we have made for ourselves. Indeed, it also directs us to understanding the natural flow of life. Just as the shore comes in and out, life also has it’s own timing. One of my biggest lessons in Konya was exactly this. Instead of trying to make the tide come in and out, I needed to understand that it flows in accordance with Divine timing. This is why we are asked to let go because much of this learning can’t be undertaken without the eyes of experience.

In that struggle to allow what is meant to be to flow towards you, you have to stop trying to make things happen. You have to relinquish the responsibility that you feel and allow your host on this Earth to take care of everything for you. This again demands surrender. Not partial surrender. Full surrender.

How do we do this?

It isn’t something that can be articulated because it doesn’t come from the mind. It comes from the heart.

Remember that your heart beats in time with the rhythm of the Universe and it does this effortlessly without you having to do anything at all. If you understand that, that’s all you need to know.


Pathway 21 – Al Karim – Abundant Expression

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to feel yourself as part of Allah’s continual, creative expression, which carves out new realities each instant through an abundance of forms.” The Sufi Book of Life, Neil Douglas-Klotz.

The first idea that I want to focus on is that you can create something from nothing. Many of us have, again and again sometimes. The pathways always mirror what is happening in the healing room and often we see someone come in who has lost everything and has the perception that they have nothing. From this “nothing” is how a future, a path and a direction is created. We have no choice but to create or co-create our lives and this is the crux of the pathway for me.

It is an understanding that new realities can be carved out, created, changed in a range of different ways from a space where there is apparently nothing. There is always a way towards what you are seeking because it is always seeking you. It’s the void, the lack, the absence of something that makes us pursue its creation and co-creation. It makes us understand the power of Creator and how this is expressed through our reality in each moment. Where it appears there is nothing left, given time something always comes through. It allows for your current circumstances to take on a new form and this is the abundant expression that I associate with this pathway. This ever changing form is abundant expression that leads to new realities.

When I reflect, my deepest spiritual awakenings have come from times in my life where I lost everything and had to start again from scratch. It goes to show you can start over financially, emotionally, physically on all levels from ground zero. You can build it up and lose it and still do the same again. This is abundance although it may not appear to be on the surface of it. It’s important then that we challenge what abundance means and the form it takes as well as how we express it in our daily lives.

This leads us to explore the nature of abundance in all its forms. From this, we can see that it isn’t something that we acquire. It is something that we already hold within us and that it can be expressed in a number of ways. It is through this abundance that everything is created or co-created. The “nothingness” is the abundance itself even though it appears in a material reality to be an emptiness or a void where nothing exists.

The book talks about this inner sense of abundance and relates it to this idea of wealth. It talks about wealth being regarded with suspicion because the self can easily get lost in the personal power and freedom that wealth seems to purchase. It suggests the remedy to be giving away what’s surplus to our requirements. I had to look at this  more deeply while I explored this pathway.

This idea that we regard wealth with suspicion is an interesting one because often it’s this perception of wealth in an almost negative sense that prevents us from being abundant. Eg. All rich people happily step over others to get there and I don’t want to be like that. Yet also there is the idea that when we have wealth, we can be tested with it. Eg. If I’m not responsible for what I have, I will lose it.

If we feel that being wealthy is inherently wrong, we are reluctant to pursue it creating a block to this feeling of abundance yet at the same time, we all want that wealth because we also crave the power and freedom that comes with it. Essentially we are seeking the inner feeling of abundance itself, the feeling of being enough within not necessarily always the material reality. Although the material reality is of course appealing too!

There is a delicate balance to be struck here. The book talks about giving away what you do not need and this is one of the ways that we stay in equilibrium. I came at this as an empath and as someone who can relate to lack more than abundance given my journey and personal circumstances yet still there was plenty to learn in terms of addressing the feelings of both lack and abundance. And we have to look at both aspects to attain a fuller understanding of what this pathway teaches.

In a dualistic universe where we are taught it’s either one or the other, we can’t raise the question of abundance without also considering it’s opposite – Lack. There are many lessons to this pathway, one of the strongest being that where there is lack on the face of it, whether we choose to focus on the lack or the abundance is a choice that we ultimately make. I’ve certainly learnt that when things are taken away suddenly, they are always replaced with something better even if we can’t see it at the time. This relates to the previous pathway on completion where we are only seeing that particular part of the picture and seeing beyond can be really helpful to how we perceive abundance.

Let’s first take this feeling that there is not enough. This is only a reflection of our inner world. We can feel lack financially, in our relationships and in our work. The one thing all those things have in common is ourselves. The lack is feeling that you are lacking, that you are not enough and you feel this deep within. It’s reflected in your outer circumstances because that’s how the Universe works. I am not enough, I am not deserving or worthy.

Abundance takes a different form. It looks at what “is” rather than what “is not.” This acknowledgement begins to fill the void. We are trained to look towards the material rewards in life to reflect a measure of our abundance however we know that sometimes even the wealthiest of people are not necessarily the happiest. It isn’t anything to do with what you have. Rather it’s more a form of who you are and how that is expressed. It’s that feeling within that we’re seeking. The inner form of abundance and the more we focus on that, the more we see can see Creator within our reality.

In order to be abundant within and in order to be able to give of yourself, your time, your energy, your money, your love, freely and abundantly, we must feel that there is enough of it for ourselves before we can even begin to give any of it away.

Although sometimes, it’s the opposite and you feel like it’s all too much. The overwhelm that comes with abundance can be equally challenging to work with. We may feel when we gain a little that in comparison to the lack, it’s a lot so we give it away, and keep giving it away. This way we don’t hold the abundance and if we don’t hold it, we can’t build on it. Sometimes it is as soon as something good happens we want to share it and give it away. A lot of people do this especially if they have come from nothing.

It’s important to learn how to hold abundance and with this comes an ability to hold what you have received for yourself. I’m talking about how you hold it not how you share it or give it away. Are you able to keep things for yourself? Do you automatically feel that you have to share and give? It’s not just physical things I’m talking about here. We can extend this to receiving good news or achieving something special. How does it feel to keep it to yourself rather than sharing it with others? How does it feel to hold back on giving?

This is a difficult and challenging pathway and on a personal level it made me realise how quick I am to give things away in all respects. It made me realise that holding abundance is about practicing discernment in what you keep and what you give away. It’s going within to challenge what you are keeping for yourself and how much of it you can hold. It’s about knowing what full means for you so that when you do give, you’re not drained. It’s also about facing up to the shadow aspect of how it feels not to share and give everything away and dealing with the guilt that sometimes comes with it.

The pathway also talks about giving away and says that giving away means you’re filling up. We only have to think about how good it feels to give to understand the feeling of filling up that it creates. This feeling good is associated with abundance but it is also a trust in this feeling of there being enough. Giving from full feels different to giving from empty. It’s trial and error working out what full means to you and as you work this out, full can sometimes feel like selfish but it’s about pushing your own boundaries and comfort zones when it comes to yourself and what you hold.

As an empath, I found this pathway challenging because I’ve spent years learning how to feel enough, to feel worthy, to fill up and to not give on empty. On first glance, it felt like it was at odds with this. I stand by learning to cultivate and hold abundance as it’s necessary to ensure that I don’t feel drained and therefore resentful. Whilst living this pathway and meditating on it, I thought “hang on a minute…am I meant to be giving it all away?!” It isn’t as clear cut as that.

If there’s one thing that helped me whilst living this pathway it’s this story. There’s a saying from the teachings of the Prophet that says, “Tie your camel.”

This saying, as relayed by the scholar Al-Tirmidhi, is an ancient Arab phrase attributed to the prophet Mohammed who, when one day he saw a Bedouin leaving his camel without tethering it, questioned him as to why he was doing this. The Bedouin replied that he was placing his trust in Allah and had no need to tie the camel. The prophet Mohammed then replied, “Tie your camel first and then place your trust in Allah.”

This gives us a really strong indication of being responsible for ourselves and our own actions first and foremost. It takes us away from the passive whatever will be will be and into a more active responsibility for ourselves before we place our trust in Creator. This is as it should be if we are co-creating our reality. It’s important we make arrangements for our own provisions rather than leaving it all to chance or all up to the Universe. Whatever will be will be takes you out of the co-creation and therefore places you with very little responsibility for your own actions and therefore your own inner sense of abundance. If we go back to the feelings of personal power and freedom that we associated with abundance, then “whatever will be will be” becomes passive and leaves everything to chance. We need to tie our camels before we place our trust.

In terms of abundance, holding abundance and creating more of it in our lives, this pathway teaches us to look very closely at what we actually have and be responsible for how we use it. We have to look closely at what we have and how we use that for us to be able to discern what is kept and what is given away. We make our own arrangements for our own provision first before we can evaluate what is surplus that we can give away.

Ultimately, we are responsible for tying our camels. We are responsible for what we keep and what we give away. An inner sense of abundance comes from this inner audit that takes stock of everything we have. We do this in order to feel personal power, freedom and acknowledge that abundance is already within.

The first step is an acknowledgement of all the resources that we have at our disposal. This in itself helps us to overcome the feeling of lack. There is plenty that we have that we can be grateful for. On the surface, it appears we have nothing but once we do the stocktake, we realise that “nothing” is actually a whole lot from which to create more.

The second step is to look at how we are using what we have at our disposal in order to discern what we keep and what we give away. By looking at what we have, we can make arrangements for our own provision, we can meet our own needs and we can see what is surplus and we can choose where and how to give.

The third step is the giving itself. There are always to give and share that don’t involve making a big noise. Just as Creator works behind the scenes, so can we in the way that we give and share. There is no need to make it known that we are giving and actually in terms of abundance, this helps us hold it in a more self-assured way.

As long as we are in this cycle of acknowledgement, discernment and action, we are continuously filling and creating an inner sense of abundance.