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Ascension Energy Update, 10th September, 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. Yesterday was the opening of another important energy portal (9/9) bringing yet more turbulence, chaos and purging.

Following the almost ecstatic buzz of the previous week, it feels like we’re all on the comedown. There was a lot placed in to the vortex when the energy was high and off the back of that, we’re now in the purging window which is set to continue until the next moon.

The healing room has seen a lot of purging this week and the message seems to be that instead of taking it as one big change, break it down in to smaller steps. Take each step in alignment with what your heart is telling you. We’ve been working to break down the overwhelm quite a lot this week.

The energies are interesting as it feels like someone has pressed the pause button. It’s like the world has stood still but your internal momentum continues to churn. This stillness always allows us to see things from different angles and in different lights. When the matrix is paused, it allows you to step around and look at things from a different perspective.

New truths seem to be coming to light rapidly and although things appear slow, there are rapid changes in both our external and internal environments literally over the horizon. Impatience seems to be getting the better of us and this is more the overwhelm than anything else.

We are questioning again and again, are we ready for what we’re asking for? Are we ready to have it brought forth? The overwhelm is a signal that we need to work on a very practical level to bring ourselves in to alignment with what we want. We not only have to feel ready but we also need to be doing on a real, practical level.

The 9/9 portal opens up plenty of wounds and as we know, in order to receive we need to make space in our lives. The new can not come in while the clutter of the old is still being carried within us. There is still healing to be done even through these transitional energies.

The transitional energies feel a lot darker than usual at the moment. There’s so much happening on the planet and the polarisation feels like it is at it’s peak. We all need to keep going. Life doesn’t stop just because we are purging.

Finding a way to continue to heal whilst living life is a massive theme at the moment. Understanding that there are always going to be forces, energies and people that clash with us. Rather than avoid them, we are learning to occupy the same space as them. Learning to stand in our own power is one way of staying focused on the inner reality rather than allow the world around us to dictate how we feel.

There is some deep learning this week around moving with your own ebb and flow and not being rushed. You may need to press the reset switch more than once over the next few weeks but if that’s what you need to come in to alignment again, then so be it. There’s a definite groove to be found. It all felt so easy last week and we’re on the hunt for it again. Impatience and overwhelm can set in but just stay in your own zone. Bearing with while the maintenance work is going on is a necessary part of the process.

Expect it to be volatile and to feel like you’re not always sailing your own ship as it goes off course and remember that you may have plans, but the greater plan is greater than what you had planned for yourself. Universe knows best and you are being taken to where you need to be. The clearing is central to your receiving.

Keep working on acceptance of where you’re at now. Keep one eye on the future and be ready to alternate between moving and steadying yourself.

If you’re struggling with the energies or indeed life, I have a range of sessions that are designed to help you.


Ascension Energy Update, 2nd September 2019

This is your ascension energy update for September. I’m going to jump right in to it!

The theme over the last week or so in the healing room has been purging and the Chakra we have been working most with is the Heart Centre. It feels as if people all over are receiving some sort of clarity that’s pushing them to take action.

August saw a massive energy gateway open up and we’re still feeling the waves of it. It has brought clarity for sure but it has also opened up a wormhole for all the old emotions to come to the surface. This is the purging that I’m talking about.

For many, we keep getting throwbacks to the past. If not our physical past in this life then past lives. There is much to heal and there seems to be an openness and willingness for us to go there.

I’m really picking up on this as a massive theme at the moment. This idea of actually walking towards the healing and purging rather than running from it puts us in a place of greater power. It also allows us to direct the pace and flow to some extent.

We are living in interesting times and on the precipice of what feels like massive personal evolution and RE-volution which in turn will have a collective impact on the planet. Ascension is happening and the frequency of Earth is beginning to really change.

As the Light quotient increases, as does the dark quotient. For those that are purging, they are transmuting these shadow aspects within themselves surrendering this up to the light.

It’s phenomenal to experience and even more phenomenal to watch this is in action. I’ve not been tuning in as much as I’m in my own purging process along with everyone else but once that part is over, I’m really being called to connect and channel from this place.

I feel really strongly that we all need to connect in to these energies to guide us through what is coming up to be a difficult time for Mother Earth. She needs us and she wants to breathe through us.

I feel as if I myself haven’t really been listening because I’m absorbed not only in my own process but in supporting others through their processes. I love how Spirit will always gently pull and keep pulling until you work out what it is that you’re meant to be doing.

I’m being shown what I need and I am absolutely sure that many others are being given the same. It feels like these electrical charges are pulsating from so many souls and our aerials are sending out the frequencies. Whereas before it felt like we were radiating this along, it now feels like the signals are all finding each other and connections are starting to be made. This is on all levels.

I’m talking about synchronistic meetings with people and energies. I’m talking about needing to be in a particular place for no reason at all apart from knowing that your energy is needed there.

Oh this could be so exciting and magical if we give it permission to let it direct us. I’m surrendering to it. I can feel a wave of reassurance within my self.

“Those that are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” I’m certainly feeling that at the moment.

Purge and ride the wave to wherever it may take you!

September’s Healing Circle will help you to burn away the tension and hurt and support your purging process. If you would like to join us, we’d love to welcome you.



What is a Soul Blueprint?

Everyone is born with a unique Soul Blueprint.

What is a Soul Blueprint? Just as your DNA contains the information for your physical being, your Soul Blueprint is made up of light codes that contain the information for your journey, your lessons and your purpose here on planet Earth.

The Earth itself has it’s own Soul Blueprint. I like to think of this as the Master Plan or Programme Management Document. Each of us are like individual projects within this Overarching Programme and we have our own Project Management Document – our Soul Blueprint.

Each Project/Soul is linked to and has interdependencies on other Projects/Souls. These are all outlined in the Programme Management Document or Universal Overarching Soul Blueprint. Each Project/Soul undertakes tasks or lessons that impact on others and so Projects/Souls can begin to identify their interdependencies through a process of taking action.

The more they connect in with their Project Management Document/Soul Blueprint, the better able they are to navigate this life and their ascension, their purpose and reason

Now you can see that 14 years as Project Manager wasn’t wasted!!

I work with both your Unique Soul Blueprint and help you find your place in the Universal Overarching Soul Blueprint. One to One Divine I AM transmissions are a deep way of working with your Soul Blueprint and lead to powerful shifts in consciousness. Check out this link to find out more…

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Completion – Al-Akhir

“When you are guided to this pathway, take the opportunity to feel complete for now with a state of stage of your life.”

I stumbled on this pathway about a month ago and the synchronicities have been mind blowing. There are so many facets of this pathway that have come up as lessons that I decided that I would create a healing experience as a result.

For all of us, we get to the end of something. The end of something is also the beginning of something new, but as human nature would have it, the end is the only thing that we can see. Human beings have a tendency to focus in a very finite way. This is why when something is ending, it is very final. We focus on that particular ending and not on what comes after or what is beyond. We can take this idea and extrapolate it to many things. Relationships, money or even physical human life itself.

It got me thinking about endings in a completely different way. What if we did ask ourselves what’s beyond the end? When we don’t have the answer for something, it often prevents us from even asking the question. I have been thinking about this quite deeply.

For me, often you have to be ready to completely let go of one thing before completion can happen. Sometimes it’s very obvious that it’s over and sometimes the boundaries are more blurred. How do we know when to let go and say that is the end of something?

In some situations, the ending is imposed upon us and we have very little choice in the matter. In other situations, we deliberately choose to create an ending – we impose it ourselves for a multitude of reasons. This isn’t what we want anymore and so we are going to end that and leave it there.

Often easier said than done. This idea of wholeheartedly letting go requires a bending of the ego, the loss of one form of identity and above and beyond all else, a trust and acceptance in the next chapter.

These pathways always connect the dots for me and work synchronistically. We’ve just been through Eclipse season and two full moons that link deeply to this theme. It has brought up changes, sometimes forced and sometimes as decisive changes for both myself and a number of my clients.

One of the things that I’ve come to explore is this idea of wanting to let go versus actually letting go. Completion is a whole new direction and one of the things that the pathway has taught me is just how much we can fool ourselves in to thinking that we have let go and how much we dupe ourselves in to thinking that we have gone through completion. We haven’t. If we had, the next thing would manifest so quickly so there’s windows of healing within this pathway that we need to look at.

It’s the human mind’s comprehension that matters here. The idea of something being “no more” automatically triggers a wound because in one sense, our separation from Source to arrive here was our first experience of completion. That was our time to leave and we didn’t like it. I certainly feel this on a personal level. We can argue about whether we chose to come here or not until we are blue in the face. The fact of the matter is that our experience of completion, of endings isn’t wholeheartedly positive. This is why letting go is so difficult.

I believe when things end, they go back to Source and when our lives are complete, that’s where we will go too. “To Him we belong and to Him we return” as it is written in the Quran. All things need completion to pave the way for something new.

Life is a continuous renewal. A cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The book talks about pursuing something from it’s beginning, middle and through to it’s end. Life is a holding space and although there are sub-stages within stages of our lives, there’s very little that we see through in this way. This in itself highlights the idea of committing to something through to it’s completion. The first thing we commit to on this path is our own journey and seeing that through to completion. We are yet to taste what that feels like but we rise, learn and fall and learn to rise again with each experience.

Our egos, our personalities, our relationships, our fortune and destiny all go through this complex cycle. Wherever you’re at in your journey, you’ll have been before and you will visit once again in a different form.

When we take completion in the context of the whole cycle, we can begin to look beyond just this one stage. It can help us to heal on so many levels and all through this awareness. Yes, it’s completion but it opens us up to some much more. In essence, Love doesn’t have an end and is continuous.

Endings open up hurt. Hurt opens up wounds. Wounds need healing. Completion allows us to see this. As the book says, “a thousand potential pearls lie wrapped within us. To grasp another, we may need to let go of the one already in our hand.”

As we evolve, we let go not only of old ideas but of all ideas because in essence, there is a beauty in surrender. A burning, a depth and a trust that opens our heart to the heart of the One. By letting go, we place ourselves firmly in the hands of Source to carry us to our next phase. And so it begins again.

Surrender is the key as with many of the other pathways. This is surrender on it’s deepest level. Completion is surrender of the ego, of personality, of expectation. Completion arrives with it’s threatening presence to the status quo and even if we don’t like where we are now, we fight for it to stay the same. This takes us back to the idea of not being able to see beyond, but the idea is to rather trust beyond our current circumstances. It’s trust in something that isn’t tangible, isn’t known and defined. That’s a challenge that requires a softening of the heart so that trust can be placed within it. It’s only known through experiencing. Closing your eyes and free-falling in to that trust.

If you would like to go deeper in to this pathway, I have created this audio healing session that will support your healing and exploration on a deeper level.

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Life purpose – how do I find it?

Finding your life purpose. Now there’s a grand pursuit. It almost feels too big, right?

Your life purpose is that thing that you came here to do. That thing that nobody does like you do. It’s usually that thing that you love doing. The thing you can do that just makes the time float away and you don’t have a care in the world.

Some people find it early on in life and for some it comes later. For me, it came in my 30’s after spending the bulk of my life trying to fit in to a regular 9 – 5 job.

Even having found it, I am always refining it. I am here on Earth to help people to understand who and what they are and what they came here to do so it only makes sense that this is something that I continuously refine. You have to have done it yourself to help other people do it.

Life takes us on a lovely and sometimes hideous merry go round before we really begin to see what we are all about. After all, your identity is built on a set of preferences – the things you choose and don’t choose for yourself. Often that gets intertwined with what other people expect from us. We co-construct this identity with those around us. This serves aspects of ourselves but it also serves the needs of others. It’s interesting when we break it down to have a real good look.

It’s when we begin to feel the discomfort that we start to ask the question – Am I really where I’m meant to be? Am I doing what I’m meant to be doing? If you’re asking yourself these questions and challenging the status quo, it’s a good signal that the earth is beginning to rumble.

The answer isn’t always obvious. It’s often a case of “I don’t know what I want to do yet but I do know that what I’m doing isn’t it.” So you know what it isn’t but how do you work out what it is?

This is where the inner work comes in. How often do you stop to tune in and listen to yourself, your inner guidance system. Often it’s been the loudest whisper that you haven’t heard. This whisper will tell you all you need to know. This whisper comes from your soul blueprint that contains all the wisdom and knowledge you need to get through this experience here on Earth.

So how do you tune in and how long will it take to work it out?

The first question I can answer for you and I can certainly help you with. Meditation is one way. Healing is another. The answer is inside of you and when you reach for it through meditation, it will eventually arrive. If you don’t have the patience, healing can be that mirror for you. This is what I do best so if you’d like to give it a go, please get in touch.

In my experience, something you have been trying to change for years can change in an instant as soon as you’re in the right energy for that change to happen.

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Ascension Energy Update, 22nd July, 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. Now I’m not an astrologer but whatever is happening in the Universe right now is big. A lot of us are just sat waiting for Mercury to go direct so that we can crack on with life again. There’s no need to wait. Let’s get going.

Physically, the energies this week are so intense and everyone that I’ve spoken to feels wiped. It’s a slow burner this one and it really does feel like the density is being dissolved. This takes time and energy and you’ll find that mornings are slow, it speeds up and then an afternoon nap may be necessary.

Sleep is deep and healing and I feel like I’m dreaming again after a break. Remember you soul travels as you sleep and is healing as part of that process. This is, for me anyway, what is making mornings difficult. My tip here is to put both feet on the ground once you’re out of bed and ask for all your soul parts to return as you ground your energy. This means that you won’t be as discombobulated throughout your day.

There is a sense of the “I’s” being dotted and the “T’s” being crossed. A lot is leaving our lives to make way for the new. It feels very much like a transitory phase as things need to be cleared and completed in order for us to move forward.

This isn’t a bad thing. It just means that things are going to feel dense for a little bit longer. Ride it because there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow and even if you go the long way round, it is inevitable. There is a lot of pain and suffering that needs to be cleared but the quicker we accept the direction the Universe is taking us in, the quicker it begins to dissolve.

There is a lot to be said for watching yourself and being a conscious observer of the way that you react to things. With dense energies, it becomes really easy to get consumed by and pulled in to things in a way that will prevent you from moving through it. Some of this is vital and necessary but a great deal is just drama that you can watch rather than be apart of. You’ll notice this most in your own reactions. Do we really need to get involved? The answer is NO. It isn’t avoidance – not if you’re observing and then choosing what path you’re going to take.

Even as we watch, we are changing before our own eyes. I feel it’s time to go deeper. I feel a sense of authenticity is needed. To be your true self, you begin to attract those that resonate better with you. We are breaking through a lot of the old fears. Often we dumb ourselves down in order to be socially acceptable but this too seems to be changing.

I don’t know where it’s taking us but there are massive gateways and portals that are open to us right now. We have LionsGate coming up on the 8th August but the gateways that I am seeing are new ones in addition to the ones that are known about. I haven’t quite had all of the information presented to me yet, and with the kaleidoscope of energy and how much it is taking to stay on track, I feel like once I’ve caught up more information will come.

We are all on our own paths now. Yes there is a collective thing happening but we don’t need to worry so much about that because our own light expansion automatically has a knock on effect on the collective. We’re also dropping this idea that we need to heal for other people as part of this ascension. There are enough people waking up and realising that they are on their own journey for us to be sufficiently focused on ourselves.

Don’t let the collective be a reason for you to avoid your own journey. Yes it takes time working out what is yours and what is not. What do we heal…what do we heal? My advice is sense your way through this. Leave your ego to one side and just simply feel your way through the process. There is a strong guidance energy coming through but it means that we have to stop and listen with our hearts. In order to do this, we need to be still and quiet. We almost need to balance this hyperactive need to do everything with this absorption process and it is a delicate balance.

It’s exciting!

Energy Updates

Ascension Energy Update, 15th July, 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. Apologies folks but I’ve had a lot going on recently that has taken me away from work. All in a good way, of course. It’s time to get back to work and it feels a bit rusty!

What’s going on with the energies? Well the last couple of weeks there’s been a sense of renewal energies coming through. A strong reassuring energy of everything being ok.

One of the deepest paradoxes with these energies is that on the one hand we get this bouncy, optimistic sense of all good things being on the horizon yet at the same time, this stands opposing an almost disbelief of what’s actually possible. Certainly for me on a personal level, it has been a time of major breakthroughs.

Post Eclipse and between now and the full moon tomorrow the energies are intense. There is a spiralling energy which feels like it could go either way and it definitely is up to us which way this energy takes us.

The Eclipse did that thing where we plummet in to the depths of anguish and sorrow. When we’re in these moments, the contrast is so start that it’s hard to regain composure and understand that the contrast exists for a reason. There is nothing to be afraid of.

For most of us, we are starting to re-learn the cycle of life from a place where it is non-threatening. Empaths have a unique journey when it comes to navigating planet Earth and for most, the defenses they create and the need to protect themselves from this world are kind of the default.

As we enter New Earth and as we deepen our sense of commitment to being here, we understand that although it feels like shit at time, although life is a mixture of suffering and joy, although it feels like an ongoing assault on the senses – it is a sensory experience that we are having. It is one that we signed up to and to approach all of it with the intention of simply experiencing it goes a long way towards an acceptance of being here.

The energies feel a lot less turbulent today coming up to the moon and it’s much needed respite. It is the optimum time to re-think goals, plans, commitments. Remember that everything you thought you wanted looks different as we approach 5D Earth. You can see quite clearly that you wanted it because it’s what you thought you should want.

What you really want is something completely different. Remember when you created those “wants” you may still have placed limitations on yourself. When you look at the things that you are striving for as a result, you get to a place where some things just don’t make sense to drive for anymore. And even that’s ok.

We have dropped so much of our old identity that of course it is going to feel confusing. There’s something very distracting about this energy. It’s unsettling and I know on a personal level, up until today I have been doing everything I possibly can to avoid sitting still with it because there is a lot of old wounds being opened up as a result.

We do need to begin facing and embracing the hurt that is still there. One of the realisations that I had this morning was that for as much light that there is within me, there is just as much darkness. Sometimes we create the illusion of light because it’s easier for the world to accept us or it’s easier for us to operate on that level.

Life isn’t about what’s easiest for everyone else or for yourself. It’s about understanding the masks that we create and with this Eclipse energy the masks are falling off. There is a need to breathe, fully, deeply and be ok to be seen taking this breath.

After all, we are human. We have our sorrows, we have our pain, we have our darkness. Most of which we experience behind closed doors because this world is polarised to the light, the positive and our natural survival instinct is to simply pretend that everything is OK.

But it isn’t and actually that’s also OK. Let the energies bring it all to the surface. Allow yourself to see what you were masking over before. Yes, we judge through our own lens and projection but in the space between the eclipses, we are realising that perhaps those “judgements” were accurately placed. Perhaps they weren’t judgements. Perhaps they were intuition. Perhaps you now have the evidence. Perhaps you’re still in denial. Perhaps it was this wanting to always be in the light that caused you to believe it was you that needed healing for making that projection or judgement.

Unfortunately, we can’t just withdraw from life because it’s too painful or confusing. We can take a step back and decide how we’d like to go forward. This is where the power is.

And with this moon, there is power. There is revelation. There is darkness and there are storms.

We’re definitely on the road to somewhere with this. We are changing on the deepest level and it’s beginning to show on the surface. The world may not like it, but the world is going to have to get used to this new level of honesty.


Ascension Energy Update 18th June, 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. The last couple have weeks have been pretty intense with a lot of heavy energetic activity.

We’ve had solar flares and geomagnetic storms leading up to the full moon. Physically this has really taken it’s toll. A lot of fatigue, headaches and just a general sense of pressure. More and more this energy is pushing us to retreat inwards for the answers.

There’s a sense of “does anybody get me?” going on at the moment but with it comes an attitude of “does it matter?” These past couple of weeks are about learning to “DO YOU, BOO!” and it feels like working that out is the tricky bit.

The goalposts keep changing and this energy is keeping us on our toes. To a great extent, it has been all about sorting out what you want from what you “think” you want. The heart chakra seems to have dissolved and is now again beginning to reform. We have to be broken down in order to understand how the pieces come back together.

The activity has meant the need for a great deal of space, in fact just the idea of being in outer space, away from it all has been ever so appealing.

Are you noticing your triggers? As we come up to Eclipse season, old wounds are opening up again. It feels like the skeletons really are out of the closet. It’s as if we are being asked to go back re-process old memories from a more conscious place and a lot of what we’re finding is well below surface level. This time to really cement it in to bed so that even if it does resurface, there isn’t any ill feeling that comes with it. It’s deep work.

Digging deep seems to be the theme for this wave of energy and it’s digging deep in all senses. Not just the healing that needs to be done but also how big we are dreaming and how much we want to pursue the life we desire.

As we surface from the chaos and confusion, this new moon brings with it a definite shift in the mood. It’s lighter, it’s bouncier, it’s more optimistic. There’s definitely something warm and lovely in the air. The month is now finally starting to look up as we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We really have been down in to the depths and now just about head above water. My sense is that we’re reaching that sweet spot – the zero point – the balance and for each of us this point is different. For some of us, the balance point is in the chaos as we find ourselves twiddling our thumbs without it.

It’s interesting. It’s always going to be interesting but there is also an excitement that this hopeful energy brings with it. It almost feels like school’s out for the summer and it’s time to play!

Enjoy the adventures!

Energy Updates

Ascension Energy Update, June 2016

This is your ascension energy update for June. It’s going to be a short update as I’ve just recorded a video so you can watch that instead.

I tuned in and channelled this a few days ago and the video expands on these themes.

Channeled Message: 26/05/2019

Feel the fire as the energy rises and we’re soaring in way that we’ve never done before.

For some, it is terror and fear of plummeting and for others it’s a sweet release and freedom.

These sensations carry the same frequency vibration of determination. Determination not to fall and determination to be free.

Everything is within your grasp and you can hold the illusion that serves you best. Create this. Choose. And then choose again.

We’ve activated the *Labyrinth energy within the collective. (I have asked to be shown more and will post in due course as information is received)

Do you feel it too?

*A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world.

Please check out the video on YouTube and if you’ve not subscribed, please do so you can be notified of all new videos and there’s plenty to come!

Ascension Energy Update, June 2019
Energy Updates

Ascension Energy Update, 22nd May, 2019

This is your ascension energy update for the week. It’s been a week of acceleration and things seem to be moving pretty fast at the moment. It’s an amazing time for Lightworkers because it feels like things are really starting to push them towards stepping up and stepping out of their comfort zones, myself included.

It was intense leading up to the full moon and physically tough for many of us as we receive our light upgrades. If you’re tuning in, the frequencies are changing. This can be felt as ears ringing and for those of you who are more sensitive, you’ll notice that it’s different frequencies at different pitches. The only way that I can describe it is like one of those old music boxes that you wind up with the different perforations inside the roll that produce the different notes.

There are so many different light codes coming down at the moment and as a result it has produced this feeling of not knowing whether we’re coming or going. We’re being spoken to in different ways. Gone are the days where we just look to what’s around us or within us for the information. The way that the ascension waves are travelling now is completely different.

I feel strongly that a big shift has happened and these waves will continue to work. It almost feels like a new wave is coming but this one has to do it’s work first. It’s an important time for the planet.

Even in the world of spirituality, the idea of the “Guru” is beginning to fall away. There is a new generation of spiritual speakers and although they are conveying messages that are in sync with these waves, there is a depth that is missing. There’s an opening here and it feels like people are seeking the old world wisdom, reviving ancient ideas and seeking knowledge that resonates with their soul.

With all of this, it feels like authenticity is the theme. Not only being true to yourself but the messages that you carry. Remember that we are all carrying Spirit’s messages through us in different ways. And one of the reasons why it feels as though the depth is missing with some of the spiritual messages we are hearing is because timelines are being reconfigured.

We are all old souls and the messages that we bring come from the places that we have been. The over-riding message is love but the messages from each previous civilisation is different and the carriers of these messages are only conveying their truth. I feel there will be a time when these messages cross timelines and align bringing all of this together.

There isn’t even time to process. It is just happening and it is happening extremely fast. At the same time, our ideas of time itself are being challenged. You’ll notice that the first 3 months of this year felt like the longest ever and from April onwards, time has quickened. Even though things are going really fast, time is slowing down at the same time. That may or may not make sense but this wave of consciousness brings with it a deeper awareness of time and an ability to bend it at will. It’s interesting for sure.

I’d love to know what’s going on in the wonderful world of you!

Until next time,

Peace and blessings of Oneness be with you,