Healing Bodywork

My signature healing session is the Healing Bodywork session (Women Only) and this is deep, deep, deep healing for those who are ready for it.

This is clearing and letting go of the past to make sure that it doesn’t have any power over you anymore. It’s also pretty intense so I don’t advise this as a first session for everyone.

What does Healing Bodywork do?

  • It releases emotional baggage and the pain and suffering that comes with it
  • It reconnects your soul/higher self to your physical being
  • It releases blockages, conditioning and limited beliefs
  • It helps you to be at peace with your past

Healing Bodywork/Massage lifts away your emotional baggage and negative energy absorbed from others around you. Sessions include cord cutting if necessary. I work with your higher self/soul presence intuitively to dissolve trapped emotions and conditioning from where they sit in the physical body. My unique gift is the ability to literally pull the physical and emotional pain out, allowing you to release and heal from the past.

Healing Bodywork/Massage is a method of working that I have channelled intuitively through connection with Source and is unique to my spiritual gifts as a Lightworker.

Healing Bodywork/Massage works well for people who are open to transformation and change. It is recommended for anyone who has tried everything and still feels stuck or like they’re not making progress. It is especially effective in clearing psychic attack and darker energies.

This is a session you won’t get anywhere else because it is a unique, specific and deliberate combination of my spiritual gifts. What I do can’t be replicated elsewhere simply for the fact that nobody is me, and that’s my superpower!

It’s one of those mad crazy things that you just have to experience in order to understand what it’s all about. Imagine a massage where I tune in to your life story, this life and sometimes even past lives, simply through connection. This is soul healing at it’s deepest level. I feel what’s sitting in your body and I literally pull it out. I extract all sorts – cords, entities, energy and emotions that you’ve absorbed from the people around you. As much as I can, I lift it off you leaving you feeling lighter and free.