Monthly Healing Circle

The Monthly Healing Circle helps you to keep expanding spiritually using Divine I AM transmissions. The Divine I AM Transmission is a powerful healing modality that assists us in accelerating our growth in all areas of our lives. It goes much deeper than other modalities and works at a Soul Level allowing the experience to be unique to each individual, even when experienced as part of a group.

As a Divine I AM facilitator, I combine the transmission work with the spiritual wisdom of Sufism. Each pathway explores one of the Divine pathways of the heart. The healing circle explores ones unique connection to the Divine allowing for a deeper understanding of our own nature. My aim is to facilitate spiritual growth, personal development and empowerment for all who attend.

For many, myself included ,these sessions have led to phenomenal shifts in awareness, growth, happiness, love, joy, spiritual connection, realisations, synchronicities and inner peace. Everyone experiences the session in their own way – there’s no right or wrong because we are all unique. The intention is that each person receives what they truly require on a soul level and for their highest benefit. Source energy does the rest in a deeply powerful way and I’ve found it’s usually in a way that allows me to open up and trust more on all levels.

Transmissions work with healing, alignment and recalibration. It is a transmission of energy, frequency, vibration and light codes from the purest Source of Unconditional Love. This allows us to experience our own soul connection in a unique way, essentially allowing us to meet ourselves at the deepest level.

Transmissions take us to a place of bliss in a way that words can’t describe. Each experience is different. For me personally, the shifts I’ve had following each transmission always show me wisdom in ways that leave no room for doubt. The experience of receiving a transmission in itself is a way of surrendering to Unconditional Love and that begins to dissolve barriers that we’ve built within ourselves.

With the monthly healing circle, the journey is yours to take. With each session comes a shift in awareness and deeper wisdom from within. Transmissions awaken inner peace, self-love and have the effect of helping you to shed your own limiting beliefs, patterns and cycles.

They are deeply transformational and I say this from my own experience of receiving transmissions.  You always get exactly what you need whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. The transmission is also designed to awaken gateways to access our own inner guidance, love, wisdom. For everything is truly within. For me, the transmissions have really helped me to love and trust myself in all areas of my life.

Monthly Group Sessions will take place online via Zoom. A link will be sent to you once payment has been made.

Monthly Group Healing Session:

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Your Investment: £33

Payment Via PayPal – Click Here

2021 Dates: (0nline Via Zoom)

29th January, 2021

26th February, 2021

26th March, 2021

30th April, 2021

28th May, 2021

25th June, 2021

30th July, 2021

27th August, 2021

24th September, 2021

29th October, 2021

26th November, 2021

31st December, 2021

One to One Sessions

One to One sessions are available online or in person.

One to One Transmission – £77 for 1 Hour

Couples Transmission – £111 for 2 hours


Hafsa is a powerful Lightworker, Intuitive & Channel during these special times of awakening. Hafsa has a truly special gift of accessing higher consciousness wisdoms and energies, channelling them into this world for transformational healing. She is tapped in to the Ascension and what is happening on planet Earth! Hafsa also blends her depth of intuition, her kindness and her spiritual growth awareness together – translating this in a grounded earthy & fun way for all to experience. I greatly admire Hafsa’s passion and commitment for authentic spiritual growth, and to serve the Great Shift. She is a wayshower and pioneer of new concepts and a natural leader for these times. I highly recommend working with Hafsa in any capacity, we are blessed to have her on planet Earth.

Vaz Sriharan, Founder Divine I AM Transmission, Healer, Guide, Lightworker Mentor
“Only from the heart can you touch the sky” Rumi

“I went to a transmission session with my partner. I have previously been to see Hafsa for Emotion Code, which I found beneficial. This made me understand certain things in my life, some of which I had no control over and needed to let go of.
The couple’s transmission session was very powerful in that, I have been trying to set up a business and that there have been issues with me and my partner. This has had an affect on both of us. I have been making efforts to change my mindset and be more aware of what I am doing and how powerful I can be and how it can affect others. Since the transmission I have felt that I am in a better place and that things I would be irritated by don’t even get a second thought. During the transmission itself I completely let go and felt myself go very deep into what felt like another state of consciousness where I have not been before. When the transmission was over I came back out but felt that I had removed the last piece of the negative issues that I had. I did not want to speak much and I was very quiet for the rest of the day. My partner had to drive home. Since then my partner has seen a definite shift in my behaviour and my kids have also noticed the difference in me. My approach to my 9-5 has changed even though I’m planning on leaving for my new business venture. I am no longer resentful and angry. I am able to look at things from a different angle, this I feel is a continuation of my own self development.”

Luke, Leicester

“It has been 5 days since my group transmission and I have to say I am feeling wonderful.  I feel far more inner calm than before with a much better sense of clarity.
I am also feeling far more proactive and have been dealing with general issues in my normal day to day life that would have overwhelmed me before and I would have put off till another time.
I can’t wait for the next group transmission!”

Liana, Leicester