Healing Packages

People often come to healing with a specific issue that they’re dealing with. These healing packages have been designed around some of the most common issues clients come to me with. The packages use a combination of sessions that will help clear the issue.

Dealing with Psychic Attack

This package is designed to clear psychic attack. There are 4 sessions beginning with Reiki to balance. We then move deeper in to Healing Bodywork to clear the energy from your physical body and then deeper still with the Shamanic Reboot to work across past lives and other timelines. We finish with a deep Divine I Am Transmission that sets your changes in to place and solidifies your protection against further attacks.

Package Price: £333 (In Person or Online)

Making Your Dreams Come True

Everything begins with an idea and in order for that to become a reality, there is an energetic process that helps it to manifest. If you’ve been working with Law of Attraction and not getting anywhere, there may be an energetic block somewhere. This package helps clear the blocks and bring you closer to your dream. This package includes 4 in depth healing sessions using a number of different modalities.

Package Price: £333 (In Person or Online)

Aligning with Abundance

One of the most common phrases that clients use is, “I just feel blocked in all areas of my life.” Abundance is simply that feeling of having more than enough of something in your life. Most people tend to work with financial abundance and money but we can also use the method to create more love and better relationships or attracting more work. When we release what’s blocking our path, abundance shows up.

Clearing abundance blocks can be done using either deep healing Transmissions or Emotion Code. We can also use a combination of these modalities to help release trapped emotions that are preventing you from being open to financial abundance or any other area of your life.

The package is comprised of two intense healing transmissions alternated with 2 Emotion Code sessions.

Package Price = £277

Break-Up Bootcamp

Break-Ups are my speciality and I work a lot with people who want to get over the ex and move forward with their lives. There are a number of underlying themes when it comes to relationships and this tailored package will help you unravel your relationship pattern, see yourself in a different light but most importantly, get you over the ex and in to a better place to face the future.

The package is comprised of 6 Healing Sessions using a number of different modalities based on your individual needs.

Package Price = £400

Career Confidence/ Mindset and Motivation

Often people feel blocked when it comes to work and career progression. This session is for those of you looking to either make that jump up the career ladder or change direction altogether. It can be difficult to find the confidence to take that next step and so this package is tailored to specifically address those concerns.

The package is comprised of 3 healing sessions using a number of different modalities based on your needs.

Package Price = £200

Don’t be a doormat

For a lot of my clients, self-worth is the biggest issue to resolve in order for their lives to change. This is a key theme with my work and really supports you to feel empowered, set boundaries and learn to love yourself more.

The package is comprised of 3 healing sessions using a number of different modalities based on your needs and a workshop on setting healthy boundaries.

Package Price = £250

Overcoming Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional)

Abuse is more common than we think and many of the clients that I work with have experienced physical, sexual and emotional abuse. These experiences create fear and limitations, as well as issues around self-worth and trust.

This is deep intense work that will help you to overcome the trauma you have suffered so that you can go on and live life. We work with a number of underlying themes, including letting go of the past.

The package is comprised of 6 Healing Sessions using a number of different modalities based on your individual needs.

Package Price = £400

How to “work on yourself”

Working on ourselves is a way of accessing our power, loving ourselves and achieving our full potential. It might be that you need to start learning to love and value yourself as part of the process. That’s great, but where do you start? What are you supposed to be doing to work on yourself?

If you’ve never been taught about how to access the power within yourself, it’s time for you to learn how to recognise it, acknowledge it and use it to it’s full potential to serve yourself, and those around you. You can choose whether we work using coaching or healing. For most people it’s a combination based on what’s needed. Whichever approach you choose, you’ll be taught what you need to work on yourself.

Individual sessions: £77 per session

Six sessions – £400 (includes a custom healing plan)

Healing for Healers

If anyone needs healing, it’s healers! This package provides a discounted rate for those of you who are in a caring field and need to maintain your own energy levels so that you can provide the best service to your clients.

The package is comprised of either 6 or 12 healing sessions (either Healing Bodywork or Emotion Code with Reiki).

6 month package – £400 (Total Value = £462)

Annual Package Price = £875 (Total Value = £924)

All packages must be paid for and booked in advance.