Client Testimonials

“Hafsa is an amazing healer. She is able to intuitively tap into what you most need as she takes into consideration your present and your past. Her approach is so vast and can’t be contained into words as she holds an infinite range of inherent gifts and abilities that she utilizes so effortlessly. Her transmissions are infused with her loving, caring and truthful energy in a way that can be deeply felt despite physical distance.” Noor, Jordan

“I came to Reiki to lift my mood, for stress relief, relaxation and to reduce my anxiety. Before Reiki, I had tried CBT and hypno therapy. I had one Reiki session, and Hafsa recommended a Shamanic Reboot Bodywork session. It has been life changing for me. I have suffered from anxiety for nearly 10 years. I finally feel as though I’m in control of my life now and looking forward to the future. Anyone who is sceptical about Reiki should give it a go. I’d highly recommend Healing Works.” Kate, Leicester


“Not only has Hafsa led me through my Reiki training and taught me to be an instinctive practitioner in the past year, I have today visited her for some healing bodywork – Something unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Hafsa used lots of her toolkit to help me release stuff I didn’t even realise was there! She knew where issues had stemmed from and helped me to pinpoint how to clear them. Hafsa is incredibly instinctive and knowledgable and I wouldn’t trust my own healing to anyone else. What she does is next level. If you really want to do some serious work on yourself and don’t know where to start, give her a call.” Louise, Leicester


“I completed Level 1 (Reiki First Degree) and my experience with Hafsa as a teacher was a great one. Hafsa has an personality that automatically puts you at ease, this and her passion for Reiki make her an excellent choice. I am looking forward to going back to do the next level.” Melisa, Leicester


“I found Hafsa at Healing Works after doing a Google search for Reiki Practitioners near me. I was drawn to her by her friendly introductory video and I’m so pleased I was. I have had treatments including Full Bodywork which helps both physically and mentally to release negative emotions – and boy did it work. I’ve also been to courses on meditation and manifesting and Hafsa explains everything with such ease and clarity that you cannot fail to be inspired. She truly loves what she does and spending time within her positive energy is always a very worthy experience. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.” Beccy, Leicester


“Hafsa (H) is the real deal. I have been a client/student for 9 months and as others have testified, she gets me and my issues. I have strategies now for moving forward and getting to know and trust the real me. She is a ray of sunshine and the font of spiritual knowledge. Go and see her and make your own mind up – love and light” Sophie, Peterborough


“I’ve been seeing Hafsa regularly for Reiki healing. Somehow I got myself booked in for a Boundaries workshop. A couple of days before the workshop I even asked myself what am I doing a Boundaries workshop for?? I am glad I did, I learnt quite a bit more about myself. Hafsa questioned me in such a way that we unblocked some of the ‘stuff’ I had been holding onto without even realising. If you’re not sure about your boundaries, it would be well worth contacting Hafsa.” Mrs Kanji, Leicester


“As soon as I sat in the “chair” my life started to change. The tears just automatically flowed and I felt free. I’ve had two clearings from Hafsa so far and I ask myself where was she all my life! I finally feel free from blocks, negative energies that I thought people were creating, but along along it was me! I smile, laugh, sleep and pray even more. Thank you for being forever in my life. Love you and the chair xx” Sharon, Leicester


“This weekend (Reiki 1) is just the begining of the journey but what a beginning it was thanks to Hafsa! Her knowledge, her experience, her belief and the way she shares such an amazing gift….. thank you!! xx” Katie, Leicester


“I came to Healing Works for help with a few personal problems, for guidance and inspiration and just to feel a sense of well being. I had never tried Reiki before. I always dismissed it and did not really know what it was used for. I had tried counselling, acupuncture and even rehab in the past which were helpful, but Reiki seemed to make me aware of my own rationale and choices like never before. Reiki made me feel in control. clearer, relaxed and made me aware of what I wanted out of my life. I would recommend Reiki for anyone who needs healing in any form, for people who are stuck in the past, people who want to let go and even for physical healing. I myself found Reiki helpful in more than many ways and it has helped me to become the person I wanted to be.”  Martine, Leicester


“I was at a crossroads in my life when I came across Reiki. I’d never heard of Reiki in my life before. I happened to tell my friend I was in a negative place when he referred me to Hafsa, a Reiki Master. I still wasn’t convinced Reiki was the answer to my problems as I didn’t even know what it was about. It was then he showed me an interview he’d done with Hafsa not long ago. Hearing Hafsa explain what it was all about and how it helps people transform negative energy in to positive energy, and also hearing Hafsa talking about the different types of people that had come to her for healing, it was as if Hafsa was describing me. That’s when I realised Reiki may be the answer for me to move on from the past and find myself again. I had nothing to lose. It was either go to Reiki with an open mind, or continue to wake up crying, go to sleep crying and taking the negative path and falling in to deep depression once again. I was nervous going to my first session. I didn’t know what to expect, but Hafsa made me feel at ease. My first session was a Shamanic reboot. I felt like a new person after the session, like a massive weight had been lifted. I felt like the big black cloud that was surrounding me and my thoughts had gone. My colleagues had even noticed I was back to my bubbly self, smiling and laughing once again. So far, I’ve had two sessions. The second was a Reiki session and so far I’ve not been disappointed. I always come out of the session feeling great and full of positive energy, and that’s something I wanted to achieve. I have no regrets, and I am glad that I came across Hafsa. Hafsa has really helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still have a lot of work to do with myself, but no doubt with Hafsa’s guidance I will one day find myself. So thank you Hafsa. I’m looking forward to more of your Reiki sessions.” T, Leicester


“I had lost my way through various personal situations and felt cornered and really didn’t know which way to turn. I knew Hafsa offered Reiki treatments so I booked with her after speaking to her briefly. This was the first step. The first session opened up a lot of things I had locked away – or so I thought – so no one could see the pain I was going through. After that initial session, I felt exhilarated more that I had done for a good few years! I was beginning my healing and my journey was just beginning. I felt the stress and anxiety release from my being and I was transforming in to the “real me” … I had become good at pretending everything was ok. Now I knew after that initial session, there was no longer the need to hide away and pretend to be a shadow. I really could be ME! I have had a few sessions over the last year and can guarantee that you would not be disappointed. Your inner you would know that that you have made the first step in to becoming the person you want to be. Healing Works…In the hands of Hafsa, you will know that you made the best decision for the journey of your life.” Caroline, Peterborough