Reiki-Course Online

Here you’ll find my Reiki Course Online as well as a range of personal development workshops and training that support you to do the inner work and self-healing. A great way to get started on your healing journey!


Reiki Training Level One

Certificated Reiki Training Course with supported learning, mentoring and distance empowerments.

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Free Reiki Course Online

This free introduction to Reiki will help you to find out more and get started on your journey.

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Reiki training at this foundation level is an awesome tool to help you feel frikkin awesome about yourself. It changed my life. Let’s change yours!

This course will give you your first attunement/empowerment in Reiki energy. There are 3 empowerments in total on the course. You will learn about the history, origins and uses of Reiki and the principles for self-development and spiritual growth. You will learn tools that will support you in beginning to heal yourself and help others.

Reiki level one training gives you the tools to start doing the inner work on yourself. It supports you to become calmer, more positive and balanced. You will learn daily meditations, how to cultivate and channel energy for the purpose of healing yourself and others. It will also help you to explore your own energy and give you practical experience of working with energy.