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Healing Works

You’re here because you know you need help you but you don’t know exactly what it is you need. I’m here to show you that healing works. If you’re dealing with difficult emotions, trying to face your fears and achieve your goals, then healing can work for you. Healing will help you to get yourself to where you want to be with a little help, support and guidance from me.

It might be that life feels chaotic and you need to feel like you’re back in control of your own life, your time, your energy, your mind, your body, your spirit. Something might have happened to trigger the need for change and it’s led you here. Keep an open mind and let’s see what happens!

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and you find yourself wanting to just escape everyone and everything but you can’t run away from your life. It might even be because you feel so different from everyone else and nobody else gets you. Maybe you feel like you don’t belong anywhere. Sometimes, it’s all a bit too much and you just need some space from it all.

I know you’ve been hurt in the past. People have treated you badly and taken advantage of your kind heart. This has happened to me too and that’s why I taught myself ways of building myself back up from the inside out. There’s a lot I had to learn and experience and it gives me wisdom. I use that life experience and wisdom combined with my healing gifts and a range of tools and methods to help you overcome your issues. It could be the way forward for you.

At times it feels like it’s hard to let go of the past and it feels like it will always haunt you or worse, stop you in your tracks when you try and move on. Your mind just won’t let you forget those memories. It’s difficult switching off the chatter in your head. You’re going round in circles and all you want are the answers that will help you resolve the problems and feel better. Healing works. What have you got to lose?

Here’s the thing about healing…

You’ve probably tried most things like reading self-help books, meditation, even medication, positive thinking, law of attraction. You might have even tried yoga, running, acupuncture or other therapies. It’s tiring working out how to make the past go away. Of course it feels like an uphill struggle.

I doubt anyone has taught you how to manage your emotions or face your fears. I bet you’ve never been encouraged to chase your dreams. My guess is you’re scared to think about what the possibilities are and it’s overwhelming when you think about how you change things. You might not be able to even give the feeling a name. All you know is that it doesn’t feel good and that you don’t want to be feeling like this anymore.

You know what you need. It feels like you need to take some action. When you know how you want to be feeling and you know that you need to do something about it – it’s frustrating because you can’t find the help you need. The inner work is calling and you just want to know HOW to do it!

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Hafsa or “H” to my friends. I’m the healer that runs Healing Works and the person behind these words. This is me tending to one of my favourite roses in the little rose garden I’m cultivating. 

I teach people how to deal with their emotions and I help them deal with their past so they can move more swiftly towards their future.

I am an expert in helping people to face their problems, their feelings and their fears. My “this world” knowledge includes a degree in Psychology, foundation in NLP and a shit load of real life experience. You name it, I’ve been there and got myself out of it. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Sufi healer. I am also a Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I know healing works because I’m living it.

My “other world” wisdom is the gift of reading your energy imbalances and channelling guidance for you through my connection. My expertise is in aligning you with your soul presence. I also have the ability to extract physical, emotional and spiritual pain out of a person’s body and energy field, including any negative attachments or entities. Basically anything that is interfering with you being yourself, I clear away. I work with you at a soul level and deep is the starting point. I meet you where you’re at in life and work with you to take you to where you want to be.

What I’m all about…

I’m all about being real, being your true self, pushing through the crappy feelings and helping you to find your own power and using it to direct your own life. There’s nothing better than living life on your own terms. There’s nothing more powerful than a strong person pursuing their dreams. That’s the example I set. That’s what I do. That’s what I help you to do. I’m always looking for the answers, always working to expand and hopefully, inspiring others to do the same.

I’m still on my own healing journey too and always learning and expanding through my own healing. I love that we are all in this together. I’m about love and oneness, building that strong heart and being all that you can be so everyone benefits from your light.

Who do I work with?

I work with people who have made that commitment to start working on themselves. It’s magic working with people who are ready to start unpicking their emotions and their fears because they’re ready to move on and write a new story. My clients are on a journey of awakening and self-discovery, ready to do the inner work and healing in order to keep moving forwards in life. I help you to be who you came here to be. No half jobs. Just real talk and real action.

Want to work with me?

I offer a free consultation for all new clients and you can check out all my Healing Sessions and book this online.

Feel free to get in touch using the form below and be sure to leave a number for a call back.