Thursday Club

Welcome to Thursday Club!

If you want to know yourself and trust yourself, then Thursday Club is for you.

You wouldn’t get in a car with a total stranger, would you? You won’t do that because you don’t know them and if you don’t know them, you don’t trust them.

There’s no way you would walk up to a complete stranger and say, “I love you” because you don’t know them and if you don’t know them, how can you truly love them?

Knowing yourself, trusting yourself and learning to love yourself – this is what doing the “inner work” is all about and Thursday Club is the place to learn how to do it.

How does it work?

Delivered through weekly online group sessions, you’ll learn all aspects of working on yourself. We’re all about self-healing and really getting to the nuts and bolts of who you are as a person.

Each week, I teach a workshop with homework designed to get you thinking and working on yourself and every now and then, I throw in a group healing session.

This is the only place where you get access to me in person on a weekly basis and the content is tailored to the needs of the group. I have a whole host of self help content but it isn’t just about what I want to deliver. As a member, you’ll tell me what you want to learn and I teach in alignment with your self-healing journey. Many of the themes are directed by you and we all benefit and develop together in a supported and safe environment.

What’s my commitment?

I’m going to be perfectly honest and tell you that I’m only interested in working with you if you’re ready to work on yourself. You show up once a week for the lesson and then you actually DO THE WORK! I’m interested in what you’re learning about yourself and I’m here to push you so you can’t escape it!

If you’re ready to challenge yourself to explore deeper and you want to be more self-aware and confident, you’ve got to be ready to put the reflection time in and do the homework. I’ll support you with the tools and the wisdom, but its important that you understand it’s your commitment to yourself that matters. As my beloved Mevlana Rumi puts it,

“It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but nobody can walk it for you.”

Mevlana Jelaladin Rumi

Learning to get to know yourself, trust yourself and love yourself leads to you becoming your own best friend. In this world, it is definitely something that’s important for us all to do. I’ll teach you how to approach working on yourself and make it central to building a solid foundation for real confidence, self love, stability, happiness and inner peace.

Thursday Club supports you to:

  • learn self-healing and connect with yourself beyond the surface level
  • recognise what you are feeling and work with it
  • experience healing that will shift some of the blocks
  • have the confidence and the knowledge to do the inner work for yourself
  • have the balls to stop pretending and just be yourself

New members are always welcome and if you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Upcoming themes:

Trust and intuition – applied to myself and others

Unpicking bad habits – emotional eating, victim mode, glossing with love and light

Forgiveness – the ins and outs and why it’s not easy

How to be happy regardless

Affirmations – how to find the ones that work for you

Maintaining personal growth through the ups and downs of life

Dealing with traumatic memories

Grounding your energy

Understanding our projections on to others and dealing with it

Journalling techniques for the healing journey

The Details:

Weekly Online Zoom Call – Wednesday at 8pm

Your investment:

£30 will get you 4 sessions