Thursday Club

Welcome to the Thursday Club! “What is the Thursday Club?” I hear you ask… well…

Thursday Club is my regular weekly Group coaching club. It’s an excellent way to learn how to do the inner work, the self-healing and the meditation whilst being supported by me and the rest of the group.

Every Thursday, we get together and do some learning. We cover all sorts of topics and share insights. There’s a Q and A session once a month so that everyone gets the support that they need. I also throw in a group healing session every now and then so that you have some extra help. The aim is to cover all aspects of doing the inner work and self-healing.

In addition to learning self-care and doing the inner work, you’ll develop that real inner confidence and a better understanding of who you really are. We’re all discovering our authentic selves through this process. It’s about challenging yourself to explore deeper and keep expanding in self-awareness and confidence.

Thursday Club teaches you about self-care and how to do the inner work.

Thursday Club helps you build the confidence to be your authentic self?

I’ll teach you how to get in tune with your intuitive heart and soul presence and bring that to the forefront of your life.

Learning to get to know yourself, love yourself and be your own best friend is definitely something that’s important for us all to do. Doing the inner work is central to building a solid foundation for confidence, self love, stability, happiness and inner peace.

Sadly, how to do the inner work isn’t something that we’re all taught in life but it’s such a big part of our personal development and spiritual growth. There are so many ways that we can do self healing and meditation. By learning more about ourselves, we keep expanding and growing.

Thursday Club supports you to:

  • learn self healing and how to connect to yourself on a deeper level
  • recognise what you are feeling and work with it
  • experience different meditations that will support your self healing
  • have the confidence and the knowledge to do the inner work for yourself

Each week, we undertake some learning and sharing to help us get more in tune with our authentic selves. We look at a range of different areas where self healing and doing the inner work will help to shift you forwards. It’s a supportive environment that’s open to all, regardless of where you’re at in your journey. The aim is to give you the confidence to be yourself.

New members are always welcome!

Weekly meets are on Thursdays at 7pm at (Room 11)Manor House Community Centre, Haddenham Road, Leicester. LE3 2BG. MAP

Your investment:

£30 per month